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Game of Thrones back to Spain to film Dragonpit scenes for Season 8, set prepping begins



Game of Thrones has been a production spanning over a lot of locations in Europe, and while the most common ones have been in Northern Ireland, Spain is a close second. While Game of Thrones Season 7 has quite a lot of locations, some of the most important ones in recent times, have been the Spanish ones. We have seen it prominently in the last season when Cersei agreed to meet up with Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and others, in the Dragonpit, which was the biggest crossover event in the history of the show. Now, it looks like Game of Thrones will be back to the Dragonpit to film for Season 8, and set prepping seems to have already begun. Read on!

As expected, Spanish Game of Thrones fan-site, Los Siete Reinos, has been on top of the happenings. They report that the show will be back to the Roman amphitheatre of Itálica, in Seville for Season 8. Apparently, the Provincial Heritage Commission has greenlit the use of this amphitheatre for the upcoming season. Fresco Films, the firm that handles the production formalities on behalf of HBO in the area, had requested the use of this amphitheater for Season 8, and it has now been approved, with access granted to use the Arena, the Fossa Bestiaria and the Amphitheater Grandstand and Galleries, all of which were used in the Dragonpit scenes, which means Dragonpit is going to appear in Season 8, 100%.

Now, Europa Press has gotten their hands on a detailed production schedule, which gives us a complete schedule of when the filming here will occur. It’s as follows:

From April 2 to May 2, the ruins will be partially closed down, letting the production rebuild the set. Expect the set to look just like last year’s.

From May 3 to May 18, the whole area will be closed off, which means filming is likely to occur at the time.

From May 19 to 27, the Roman amphitheatre will be closed off, but the rest of the city will be open to visitors.

Looks like we will be seeing stars fly into Spain sometime soon, so more on that as we hear of it. What do you guys expect to see going down at Dragonpit this time? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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