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Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju to play double role in upcoming series “Twin”



When it comes to casting, Game of Thrones has always nailed it. Even as the show not enters the seventh and second last season, the show has been bringing in new cast members which match the quality of the cast that the show already has. Many stars of the show have become popular choices of casting directors, bagging projects which are equally as big as Thrones. While some of the actors got the opportunities after their character died on the show, others take on other projects while they’re still working on the show. The latest news we have is about one of our favorites, Kristofer Hivju, and he will soon be starring in a new series named Twin, where he plays a double role. Read on!

Kristofer Hivju, who plays Tormund Giantsbane on the show, will be starring in Twin, playing the characters of twin brothers. Looks like he has been putting a lot of effort into this project, with reports saying that he and screenwriter-director Kristoffer Metcalfe have been working on this project for over 15 years. The production is backed by Nordisk Film Production. Read the official synopsis posted by Variety, below :

“”Twin” kicks off in the Lofoten Islands where cliffs fall near sheer 4,000 feet to fjords. A very cold-water surfing mecca north of the Arctic Circle, it is home to Erik, a surfer bum who hasn’t seen his identical twin Adam – a businessman with a successful family business, doting wife, picture-perfect family – for 15 years. When Eric loses everything, he reaches out to Adam, who totally rejects him. A quarrel breaks out; Erik and Ingrid, Adam’s wife, accidentally kill Adam. To cover the crime, and to save his brother’s family, Erik takes over Adam’s identity.

In line with much contemporary drama, the show mixes a trinity of a thriller narrative, character-driven drama and broader social themes. The question of whether Erik and Ingrid’s subterfuge is discovered drives “Twin’s” suspense, as an old friend of Adam’s, a traffic policeman, becomes increasingly suspicious of Erik.”

The series will be 6 hours in length. Talking to NordicDrama, Hivju said :

“This is a dream role, and a project I am passionate about. It is a great pleasure to be involved in developing this TV series, and I can’t wait to show it to the public.”

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The series is set to premiere in January of 2019, which means that it will be between Season 7 and Season 8 of Game of Thrones, so you can get your dose of Hivju. Are you looking forward to watching it? Tell us in the comments, below!


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