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Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn talks about what Hodor would say to Bran



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One of the most beloved character on Game of Thrones was Hodor, whose tragic death in season 6 left all the fans in tears. With the amount of love that Hodor has gotten despite not uttering a single word apart from ‘Hodor’, we know that he’s going to be missed the most out of all the characters that have died on the show.

Kristian Nairn, the actor who plays Hodor was surprised at the amount of adoration fans have given to him, and at the San Diego Comic Con this year, he was given a lot more attention that he would usually get based on the endearing character he has portrayed on Game of Thrones.

During the Game of Thrones panel at the convention, Kristian Nairn spoke about how surprised he was at how much the fans have loved him, as he answered other interesting questions. One of the questions was what Hodor would say to Bran if the former could speak anything else. His answer was quite witty to the question.

He said, “What would the first words be that you said to Bran if Hodor could suddenly speak? It would be ‘no.’”

Fans would agree that it sure is something Bran should be told!

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