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Game of Thrones actor Eugene Simon stars as Albert Einstein's son in NatGeo docudrama 'Genius'



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Game of Thrones, no doubt, has had a star-studded cast over its run-time. The show still keeps casting amazing actors to bring new characters to life. The show doesn’t hold back in axing off key characters, or any character for that matter, and then we see quite a few faces from the show in new big projects, because who wouldn’t cast an actor that has been on Game of Thrones? The latest one to join this list is Eugene Simon, and he is now a star of the National Geographic docudrama, Genius.

In case you don’t remember, Eugene Simon played the role of Lancel Lannister on Game of Thrones, who was killed off at the end of Season 6. Eugene will now appear in Genius, which is a show that shows the journey of the legendary Albert Einstein, and how he managed to make discoveries that made him one of the greatest scientists who ever lived, despite suffering a lot of setbacks in his early life. Eugene plays the role of Albert’s son, Eduard. Eugene will appear in two of the total eleven episodes of the show.

Talking about his Game of Thrones run, Lancel was a character that had quite a rollercoaster journey. Appearing in Seasons 1,2, 5 and 6, he was first a squire for King Robert Baratheon, but was later granted knighthood. After getting injured at the Battle of the Blackwater, he joined the Sparrows, and was referred to as Brother Lancel, until Cersei, who is his first cousin by relation, killed him off, along with a lot of other people, in the Sept of Baelor. He is last seen trying to stop the Wildfire attack after being stabbed in the spine by one of the Little Birds. This means that Eugene will definitely not be appearing in Season 7 premiere, set to July 16th.

Genius has begun airing on National Geographic starting 25th April, and Eugene’s episodes are yet to air, so we recommend watching the series, in case you want to watch him on screen, again. Take a look at the trailer below:


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