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First look at older Joffrey Velaryon in new photo from House of the Dragon Episode 8



newborn baby joffrey velaryon in rhaenyra's arm episode 6 house of the dragon

We had only seen Joffrey Velaryon as a newborn in episode 6. He is Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Ser Laenor Velaryon’s youngest child. His birth was scandalous, especially to Queen Alicent, because according to her, it was Rhaenyra’s third child born with “plain features”. We did not see him in episode 7, but now, we finally got a good look at the adorable young prince. He has the same deep brown hair as his older brothers, and in episode 8, he will be around six years old. Take a look below!

First look at older Joffrey Velaryon in new photo from House of the Dragon Episode 8


Joffrey Velaryon is surrounded by his family dressed in Targaryen colors, red and black. Rhaenyra’s eldest son Jacaerys stands behind her. Baela, the eldest child of Daemon, is also in the front wearing the Targaryen colors. The entire family has made their way back to the Red Keep in King’s Landing following the news of Ser Otto Hightower taking over King Viserys’ duties. The entire royal family is back in one place, and it will be anything but peaceful.

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