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We asked AI to predict Jon Snow’s future in The Winds of Winter



Jon Snow's uncertain future
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The world of Game of Thrones has been the subject of a lot of analysis and speculation, with fans and experts alike using data analysis and AI to predict the fate of their favorite characters and alter the ending of the series. From predicting the likelihood of a character’s death to creating AI-generated portraits of the characters based on book descriptions, AI has been used in various ways to explore the world of Westeros. We took this one step further and asked AI to determine Jon Snow’s fate, using Chat GPT’s power to create a sequel to his story, and got an intriguing response.

How much longer? When is The Winds of Winter coming out?

What happened to Jon Snow at the end of A Dance with Dragons?

At the end of A Dance with Dragons, Jon Snow, the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, is betrayed by his fellow Night’s Watch brothers and stabbed multiple times. The circumstances leading up to this event are complex and involve Jon’s decision to ally with the wildlings and his plan to march on Winterfell to take it back from the Boltons.

Many of the Night’s Watch brothers are unhappy with Jon’s decisions and see him as a traitor to their cause. In addition, Jon’s decision to allow the wildlings through the Wall and settle in the Gift has caused tension between him and the Night’s Watch.

The book ends with Jon lying in the snow, bleeding and unconscious, with his fate left uncertain. Fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting the release of the next book, The Winds of Winter, to find out what happens to Jon next. However, author George R.R. Martin has yet to release the book, leaving readers in suspense.

In the TV show, Jon’s fate is disclosed in the next season, where it is revealed that the Red Priestess Melisandre resurrected him. However, his fate remains unknown in the books as it ends with this cliffhanger.

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Jon Snow’s future, as imagined by AI


It all begins with the harrowing aftermath of Jon Snow’s stabbing at Castle Black, leaving his lifeless body lying in the unforgiving snow. The chaos that ensues within the Night’s Watch sends shockwaves throughout the Wall and beyond.

The already wary wildlings grow restless, uncertain of their fate. Meanwhile, the Red Priestess, Melisandre, keenly senses the dormant power within Jon and races against time to resurrect him, invoking ancient rituals and clinging to the hope of a flicker of life. AI has done an excellent job of maintaining consistency with A Dance with Dragons.

Amidst the turmoil, the arrival of the vengeful Lady Stoneheart and her Brotherhood Without Banners adds fuel to the fire. Catelyn Stark, resurrected but consumed by bitterness and vengeance, directs her anger toward the Night’s Watch, holding them responsible for her family’s tragedies.

Tensions escalate between the remaining loyal Night’s Watch brothers and the wildlings, threatening to shatter the fragile peace that Jon Snow had painstakingly forged. Care to explain why Lady Stark would blame the Night’s Watch, ChatGPT?

Here is where it gets interesting. Weeks pass, and Jon’s body remains suspended between the realms of life and death while his mind travels a haunting landscape of dreams and visions. His direwolf, Ghost, becomes his constant companion in this ethereal realm. Through it all, Melisandre’s unwavering faith persists, and finally, Jon’s eyes snap open, his wounds healed, but his very essence irrevocably transformed.

Jon Snow is back?

Jon Snow resurrected

AI also rendered that Jon Snow return from the clutches of death, here he is a vessel brimming with conflicting emotions. Loyalty to the Night’s Watch clashes with the powerful pull of his true heritage. The news of his resurrection spreads like wildfire, further dividing the already fractured Night’s Watch. While some view him as a beacon of hope in these dark times, others see his return as a violation of the Watch’s sacred oaths, leaving Jon torn between admiration and disdain.

In search of answers and a path forward, Jon embarks on a treacherous journey beyond the Wall, accompanied by the stalwart Tormund Giantsbane and a loyal band of friends. Together, they navigate the perilous frozen wilderness, stumbling upon ancient magic and long-forgotten secrets that unravel the true purpose of the Wall itself.

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Enter the Dragon


Meanwhile, in the wider realm of Westeros, the indomitable Daenerys Targaryen presses forward in her relentless pursuit of power, oblivious to Jon Snow’s miraculous resurrection.

The Iron Throne remains a coveted prize, with Cersei Lannister tightening her grip while hidden claimants to the crown emerge from the shadows. The realm teeters on the edge of all-out war as tension escalates, with Jon’s fate entwined with the fate of Westeros.

As Jon Snow ventures further north, he discovers a clandestine stronghold of the Children of the Forest. In their sanctuary, long-held secrets are unveiled, revealing the imminent threat that looms beyond the Wall. Jon comes to a profound realization: the survival of Westeros hinges on the unity of its fractured factions, be they human or supernatural.

And in an unexpected twist of fate, his path intertwines with that of Daenerys Targaryen, as they both recognize the need for an alliance against the encroaching darkness.

Reviewing this storyline: What we think


AI definitely gave an interesting response. Lady Stoneheart and her accusations and many other plotholes may seem illogical. In contrast, Jon’s journey in the subconscious realm while he is in a coma is an impressive development. Additionally, This plot also involves ancient magic, long-forgotten secrets, and the fate of the realm. It still is far from a suggestion which a writer can not use.

This interpretation may also be slightly similar to the writing of George R. R. Martin, but it has significant disparities. There is too much mysticism against realism which Martin aims to balance. There are many twists here, but some lack reason, the reason that Martin tends to have.

The fate of Jon Snow is one of the most debated and speculated plot points in the series. This AI-generated response explores one possible outcome. Maybe Martin can take the help of AI to write the remaining books faster. At least he is hoping to finish them soon.

While we wait for Martin to finish the next book, there appears to be a lot of fan fiction on the internet right now. Interpretations like these, AI-generated images, and fan theories are among many contents available.

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