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5 characters that might not survive The Winds of Winter




George R.R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, and father of Game of Thrones, is infamous for how many characters he kills. No one is shown mercy, and new readers are advised not to get too attached to their favorite characters; you never know who Martin will kill next. If we start listing out everyone who might die in his upcoming book, The Winds of Winter, we’ll be here for a Long Night, pun intended. But here are a few characters we’re sure will kick the bucket.

George R. R. Martin meme (regarding killing characters)

1. Barristan Selmy


Trust ol’ Selmy, we wish him no harm, but we fear his time is near. He is known to be the epitome of a dutiful knight and an honorable man above all. From the sample chapters released of The Winds of Winter, the Yunkai have begun their attack against Daenerys’ side, and Selmy has officially rung the battle bells. We think Barristan Selmy will lead the battle and fight loyally till his death.

His death will also open up a space in Daenerys’ council for Tyrion Lannister. George R.R. Martin has confirmed that these two will meet for the first time very soon.

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2. Jojen Reed


As of the last book, A Dance with Dragons, Jojen is still beyond the wall with his sister Meera Reed and Bran Stark. A popular fan theory believes that Jojen will soon die, with good evidence. The theory, dubbed Jojen Paste, explains how Jojen’s blood is in the paste Bloodraven forces Bran Stark (not knowing what strange ingredients comprise it) to consume. Bloodraven assures him this is to train him for his destiny.

Jojen is also a greenseer. His blood might have magical properties that might help Bran tap into his own abilities better. For proof, Jojen’s weakness is written on his face, as told by his sister. Meera also mentions to Bran how Jojen’s behavior has also changed immensely. It is possible that Jojen drains himself of his blood and gives his life up for Bran to fulfill his destiny, that is, to save humanity from the Long Night.

3. Ramsay Snow/Bolton


Stannis Baratheon is actively preparing for battle against the Boltons. Ramsay Snow will be on the battleground as he is merciless with the pathological urge to be seen as a worthy son. So it is no doubt that he will be where the fight is. But, it is very likely that he will meet his end soon, either during a fight or in the hands of an enemy.

Ramsay has no shortage of enemies. Basically, everyone he has interacted with hates him (rightfully so). And with this upcoming battle, the Bolton storyline will probably draw to a close. We think Ramsay’s death will be a satisfying payoff after the fans have had to tolerate his extreme brutality and psychotic behavior.

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4. Tommen Baratheon


Tommen Baratheon is the only way for Cersei to keep power as Dowager Queen. The last we see of Cersei in A Dance with Dragons is during her walk of atonement. She kept Tommen safe by confining him in the Red Keep. But, many forces are working against the Lannisters and Baratheons, and it is highly unlikely that the Baratheons will still have ahold of the Iron Throne at the end of the saga.

Varys has already assassinated the two powerful people protecting Tommen, his great-uncle Kevan Lannister who was the Lord Regent and Protector of the Realm, and Grand Maester Pycelle. The old master of whispers did this to clear the way for Aegon Targaryen and install him on the Iron Throne. And for that, Varys has to kill Tommen and leave Cersei with no male heirs and hence no throne.

5. Stannis Baratheon


Stannis ‘The Mannis’ Baratheon (nickname lovingly given by fans) is known for being prideful and set on his principle. He will not bow down to anyone, especially his brother’s heirs to the throne, who he (correctly) thinks are illegitimate. Once he begins on the path to claim the Iron Throne, he will succeed or die trying. And we think it will be the latter.

We assume the final showdown of the series will see Daenerys, Aegon, and Jon Snow, in the running for the Iron Throne. Stannis has a good claim, but amongst all these contenders, it seems unlikely that he will win. Especially because Stannis vs Boltons will definitely be in The Winds of Winter, and it is the perfect opportunity for Martin to kill him off. This death would be noble and true to his character, not backing down til his death.

Which character do you think will die in The Winds of Winter? Let us know on our discord server.

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