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Ewan Mitchell says Vhagar bonded with Aemond because of their shared sense of loneliness



Aemond tames Vhagar

House of the Dragon season 1 consistently gained new audiences throughout its run. And with that, many people are waiting for a glimpse of the next season. One of the show’s break-out stars, Ewan Mitchell, stars as Aemond Targaryen, the Yin for Daemon Targaryen’s Yang. He will have a huge part to play in Season 2.

Why did Vhagar bond with Aemond?

In a recent interview with The Face, Mitchell explained how Vhagar and Aemond found a common ground, “[Vhagar is] named after the old Valyrian God of War, and she’s a hardened survivor of over 100 battles. She’s enormous but also the loneliest. She’s so big she can’t fit within the confines of any castle wall, like Aemond. He doesn’t fit it anywhere, and so he identifies with her.”


How did Aemond and Vhagar’s bond evolve over time?

Mitchell further went on to explain how, after claiming Vhagar, Aemond feels loved, “A character like Aemond never really felt that unconditional love from his family, but he’s found it in this dragon. What does that do? It changes him.”

What’s next for Ewan Mitchell in House of The Dragon?

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Aemond has a bigger role to play in Season 2, after inadvertently starting the civil war in the previous season. House of The Dragon showrunner Ryan Condal hints at that by saying, “Ewan has lots of work coming his way in series two.” Ewan teased the fans and said, “Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.”

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