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Ewan Mitchell explains why Fire & Blood claims Aemond killed Lucerys on purpose

Why does Fire & Blood say Aemond wanted to kill Luke?



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Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon follows its predecessor’s trope of displaying complex characters. Most of them fall in a shade of grey. Prince Aemond Targaryen is the Green’s axis of power with his massive dragon Vhagar. He appears to be stern and stoic, however, deep down, he hides away his emotions to look strong.

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Ewan Mitchell says Aemond spread lies about him killing Lucerys

Fire & Blood says that Aemond intentionally killed Lucerys. House of the Dragon portrays it differently. Ewan Mitchell believes Aemond is behind the different accounts, as he said on the Plot Twist podcast:

“Going into season 2, Aemond is now faced with a choice. Either return to King’s Landing and admit what he did was a mistake, that his emotions got the better of him, and in doing so be in the hands of Rhaenyra. Or he can go back and claim the kill so he can lie effectively that he meant to do it.”


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“There’s a lot of evidence [in the book] that what he did was intentional, but in doing so he would become the most wanted man in the realm.”

Aemond admits he did not want to kill Luke in House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 2

In the second episode of House of the Dragon Season 2, one sequence takes us to one of Aemond’s most vulnerable moments. In the gentle embrace of a Flea Bottom prostitute, Aemond confesses that he did not mean to kill Luke, he lost his temper. He even shows remorse for his actions, because of which his brother lost a child.

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