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“Aemond is Daemon’s biggest stan,” says Ewan Mitchell in House of the Dragon Season 2 interview

Aemond listens to and respects Daemon the most.



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Ewan Mitchell is one of the biggest nerds in the cast of House of the Dragon. He knows his characters and their history, as seen in many trivia rounds and promo videos. Moreover, he is an opinionated actor who is not afraid to speak his mind. Recently, Mitchell shared his take on Daemon’s futile attempt at killing Aemond in King’s Landing.

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Ewan Mitchell thinks Aemond is Daemon’s biggest fan

“Aemond is Daemon’s biggest stan:” says Ewan Mitchell in House of the Dragon Season 2 interview

Credits: Max

House of the Dragon season 2 episode 1 saw Daemon’s effort to get even with the Greens after Aemond ruthlessly killed Lucerys. The Rogue Price hires Blood and Cheese to kill Aemond in his own home. However, Aemond was not at home then, so the assassins took Daemon’s words “a son for a son” literally and chose to kill Jaehaerys instead.

This sparked an intricate set of events where the Greens were forced to blame Rhaenyra for this death and let the masses know of her cruelty. Now, the allies of the Blacks are convinced that Rhaenyra acted such an ugly move. They are threatening to leave her side. On the other hand, Aemond is glad to be alive and somewhat proud that his uncle saw him as such a huge foe that he chose to kill him in his bedchambers. According to Polygon, actor Ewan Mitchell expressed,

I’ve always thought Aemond is Daemon’s biggest stan; so much of the image Aemond has curated over the years, it is almost like a homage to his hero. Aemond idolizes Daemon; there’s almost this romantic quality that Aemond feels that Daemon got this close — or, rather, he sent people to end Aemond’s life, but he didn’t want to do it himself. […] So Aemond likes being noticed by his idol.

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In the first season itself, we saw how Daemon was the only man Aemond actually respected and listened to. Now, it comes as no surprise that Aemond feels flattered over Daemon’s attempt to kill him so secretly. He sees this move as Daemon’s fear of Aemond on the battlefield. In many ways, Aemond has learned his cunning ways and his desire for revenge from his uncle. Their behavior is similar to some extent, marking a nuanced association between the two characters.

Ewan Mitchell admires Matt Smith

“Aemond is Daemon’s biggest stan:” says Ewan Mitchell in House of the Dragon Season 2 interview

Credits: Max

Not just Daemon, Mitchell also shared that he admires Matt Smith as an actor. When he was young, he watched Smith conjure magic on screen as Doctor Who. Now, years later, getting to work with him on such a massive show is an honor for the young actor. Mitchell said,

Matt Smith brought such a vibrancy and an electricity [to the Doctor], and the youthfulness that was a little more accessible to me as a kid. So I thought there was something interesting in never taking Matt Smith off that podium. I wanted to kind of keep my distance. […] I wanted to save our eye contact for a moment that we share in episode 8 of season 1, that moment where they face off against each other at the banquet table.

House of the Dragon season 2 will bring many such moments alive on the screen. Fans hope Aemond comes face to face with Daemon. The chemistry between the two actors as uncle and nephew will be electric to witness.

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