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Emma D’Arcy says Alicent and Daemon are the “two poles” representing Rhaenyra’s character




Since the beginning of the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, people have been speculating about a potential love relationship between Rhaenyra Targaryen and her best friend Alicent Hightower, even before her scandalous relationship with her uncle Daemon. Recently, Emma D’Arcy, who plays the elder version of Rhaenyra on-screen, opened up about what both of them mean to her.

Alicent and Daemon are the two poles of Rhaenyra

In her recent interview with Awards Watch, D’Arcy said, “I think the two key ones would be, or the two poles would be Alicent and Daemon. I think Daemon represents a lot of what Rhaenyra craves. It’s like boisterous access to this freedom. It’s like power and he commands respect. Then the other pole, I think Alicent was like the first home, I think again, in a court environment where Rhaenyra isn’t that naturally comfortable.”

Alicent andRhaenyra

“I think Alicent was a sort of translator, a person by which Rhaenyra could sort of understand that environment and almost pass within the court. I think, ultimately, Rhaenyra has this need to be known that sits a sort of piece of slab marble in her abdomen and both Daemon and Alicent cared for that need in different ways at different points.”

Rhaenyra needs someone to rely on

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D’Arcy explained this by saying, “It’s funny, I feel like Rhaenyra is a character who really, really struggles as an autonomous agent. She actually requires at least one person to make an ultimate act of devotion in order for her to find confidence and independence. She’s ultimately stuck in a sort of longing between those poles.”

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