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House of the Dragon showrunner clarifies the minimum dragon-riding age in Westeros



Meleys and Seasmoke

House of the Dragon, a Game of Thrones prequel, will explore events from around 200 years before the original show’s storyline, when Targaryens and their dragons were flourishing in Westeros. There were a lot more dragons flying around back then, and it makes you wonder if they had laws about flying a dragon while there was a lot more dragon-traffic in the skies. Showrunner Ryan Condal answers one such question.

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The minimum age required to fly a dragon in Westeros

In THR’s recent round table interview with several film and show makers, Condal was asked if there was an age limit to be eligible to fly dragons, to which he replied, “No, it’s unspecific. Apparently, the youngest dragon rider ever was 8. I have a 7½-year-old, and I don’t trust her to cross the street on her own.”

Ryan Condal explains why he chose to do a Game of Thrones spinoff

Condal, who had earlier specified in the interview that he prefers to stay away from big IP, revealed why he said yes to a franchise as big as Game of Thrones, “I mean, I love this. It’s why I got into writing. I like nutritious popcorn. It’s always been the thing that I’ve chased. I love all the shows on this panel, but I don’t think of myself as capable of writing most of them.”

“I like working in a world where there is a sense of escapism and myth-making because it allows you to explore timeless themes. Getting to play in the Game of Thrones sandbox — even though there is this enormous, passionate fan base that’s very specific about what they expect and what they want — it’s exciting. That’s why I agreed to do the second one, and I’m really just helping out as somebody that has done this before.”

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