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HBO releases new still from Daemon and Rhaenyra’s wedding




In House of the Dragon episode 7, Daemon and Rhaenyra got married in a mysterious Valyrian ceremony that was unlike any other we’ve seen on the show or its precursor. The series highlighted several Valyrian traditions, such as cradling a dragon egg for a newborn and Rhaenyra and Laenor’s pre-wedding dance. HBO recently released a never-before-seen still from the enigmatic wedding.

Unseen picture from Daemon and Rhaenyra’s wedding

The new picture focuses on an adult Rhaenyra, getting married for the second time, with her uncle Daemon Targaryen. Both of them are wearing traditional Valyrian attires, and the photo shows Daemon gently touching Rhaenyra’s lower lip which was cut just enough to make it bleed a bit using dragon glass.

What is the custom for Targaryen marriages?

Anybody, including women, can officiate Targaryen marriages; a priest is not necessary. With a piece of dragonglass, Daemon and Rhaenyra sliced each other’s lips and kissed while allowing their blood to mingle. They connected their hands after cutting the palms of each one, allowing the blood to pour into one another.

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The mingling of blood may allude to the incestuous unions that older Valyrians, particularly Targaryens, would establish to preserve their blood purity. They literally inscribed High Valyrian symbols on each other’s foreheads. Rhaenyra’s “Fire” is drawn by Daemon, while his “Blood” is drawn by Rhaenyra.

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