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Bella Ramsey and Emma D’Arcy talk about sliding into DMs while playing ‘Never Have I Ever’



Bella Ramsey and Emma D'Arcy talk about sliding into DMs while playing 'Never Have I Ever'

Since its inception, television behemoth HBO has been giving out hit after hit after hit. While the year 2022 was dominated by the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, the year 2023 began with a strong start with The Last of Us. The two leads of the aforementioned shows, Emma D’Arcy and Bella Ramsey, recently teamed up to answer a number of fun questions in an interview.

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Have Emma D’Arcy and Bella Ramsey ever lied in an interview?

D’Arcy and Ramsey sat down with British Vogue to play a round of Never Have I Ever. They answered a number of fun and embarrassing questions, one of which includes if any of them ever lied in an interview.

Both the actors replied with the “they have” paddles.

D’Arcy said, “I thought interviews were about lying. I thought that’s how publicity works.”

None of the actors revealed though in which interview they had to lie.

Emma D’Arcy doesn’t want to get a Game of Thrones tattoo

One of the other questions asked if the stars want to get a Game of Thrones/The Last of Us tattoo. While Ramsey said yes, D’Arcy replied with a no.

Ramsey said to D’Arcy, “Oh, you’re second-guessing yourself.”

D’Arcy replied, “I m incredibly people pleasing. So you know, if someone’s like, “We should do.” And I’d probably go, okay. What would you want?”

Ramsey said, “I want a little Ellie Knife from The Last of Us.”

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