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Elon Musk agrees with George R. R. Martin on better pay for writers in shocking pro-union tweet



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The Nationwide Writers Guild strike has affected TV and movie productions all over the country. And even though some shows like House of The Dragon are in the clear, there are some whose progress has now stopped dead in the tracks. Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin recently explained in detail why the strike was necessary, and quite surprisingly, Elon Musk is in agreement with Martin’s take on the issue.

What is George R.R. Martin’s take on the writers’ strike?

Martin recently took to Twitter and also posted on his blog Not A Blog about what he wanted the most from the strike. According to the A Song of Ice and Fire creator, if there’s one issue that needs to be the priority for the WGA, it should be the poor condition of junior writers in the industry, who are treated worse than interns on their own films and movie shows.

Elon Musk openly supports George R. R. Martin and the strike

Musk, who has recently acquired the social media platform, Twitter, replied to Martin in a recent tweet, “Solid points in support of junior writers and it would not be a significant impact on show budgets. Also, shows will be better if junior writers are able to understand the whole picture.”

Why Elon Musk supporting the writers’ strike is an unusual development?

Elon Musk has been known to be adamantly anti-union, and has allegedly illegally fired employees in the past. According to a recent report by NY Times, a court upheld a finding that Tesla wrongly fired a worker involved in labor organizing and that a Twitter post by Elon Musk was illegally anti-union. The Writers Guild of America is basically a union for writers all over the US. Seems like Musk has finally learned his lesson after losing a lawsuit?

Do you think Musk has changed his views about unions? Or is it damage control? Talk to us in the comments below!

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