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Ellie Kendrick’s (Meera Reed) new horror film scores 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes




Game of Thrones has had some great actors depart the show, and go on to be highly successful, and it has had many others that have kept playing a part on the show and gained success out of it as well. One of the notable cast members is Ellie Kendrick, who played the role of Meera Reed on Game of Thrones. Even though she was never seen again after her departure in Season 7, she has made her mark in the acting industry with her sheer talent. Kendrick has returned to the silver screen with her new film Attachment, a romantic horror that is sure to mess with your head.

Attachment has managed to impress the critics so far, currently standing at 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was previously on a perfect 100 percent on the day of its premiere.

The film follows the story of Maja (Josephine Park), a has-been actress in Denmark, who falls in love with Leah (Kendrick), a young, Jewish academic visiting from the UK. When Leah suffers a mysterious seizure, Maja fears their whirlwind romance might be cut short and decides to follow Leah back to her home in London. There, Maja meets her new downstairs neighbor: Leah’s mother, Chana (Sofie Gråbøl). An overbearing, seemingly religious and highly secretive woman, Chana seems resistant to all of Maja’s attempts to win her over. And as Maja notices strange occurrences in the building, she begins to suspect that Chana’s secrets could be much darker than first anticipated.

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Attachment is available to stream exclusively on Shudder from February 9 globally. Are you excited to see Ellie Kendrick back on your TV screens? Tell us in the comments below!

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