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Here’s the complete list of directors for all the episodes of House of the Dragon Season 2



The House of the Dragon actors and crew have already arrived in North Wales for the second round of filming following Spain. The second season’s filming is progressing really swiftly, and it may be completed sooner than it was for season 1. The complete list of directors who will be directing the episodes for the upcoming Season was recently revealed.

House of the Dragon Season 2 directors

Here’s everyone who is directing the House of the Dragon Season 2 episodes:

Episode 1 – Alan Taylor
Episode 2 – Clare Kilner
Episode 3 – Geeta Patel
Episode 4 – Alan Taylor/Geeta Patel
Episode 5 – Clare Kilner
Episode 6 – Andrij Parekh
Episode 7 – Loni Peristere
Episode 8 – Geeta Patel/Alan Taylor

Director Clare Kilner is filming in Wales

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It was recently announced that the cast and crew of House of the Dragon had already arrived in North Wales, and fresh images suggest that filming may have already started. In a recent interview director Clare Kilner stated, I’m in Wales now. I’m in a strange hotel in Wales.”  Kilner will shoot episodes 2 and 5 of Season 2 of House of the Dragon.

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