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Check out this infographic explaining the economy of Westeros

Game of Thrones is a show that goes into the dirty politics in a medieval world. Much like the real world, this world has a lot of money involved as well. We have seen quite a lot of discussion within the show about the money involved, and now we have a very detailed infographic breaking it all down. Read on!

Money Guruhas done some detailed research on the economics of Westeros and put it all together in an infographic. Check it out, below:

Now, we have seen the money issue bugging Westeros for a while, with the crown owing huge sums of money to the Iron Bank, House Lannister, and Faith of the Seven. Robert Baratheon is known to be the beginning of the debt, and Joffrey just made it worse. Things for the crown were seen getting worse, till Cersei became the queen.

She took care of it all. Belonging to House Lannister, she didn’t even have to eliminate that debt. The Faith of the Seven was burnt alive, and she repaid the Iron Bank. Economically speaking, Cersei is the best ruler we’ve seen rule Westeros, yet.

The infographic also has a ton of other interesting takes, so make sure you go through all of it. We would love to see an updated version of this after the show has ended, giving it a more complete meaning.

What do you think about this infographic? Talk to us in the comments, down below!