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Bella Ramsey was proud of getting a black eye while filming for The Last of Us



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The Last of Us has seen a lot of blood and gore so far, but there’s no saying which scene had the most impact. However, there was a lot that took place behind and in front of the camera to make these scenes look credible. Some actors and extras often took a step further to make their performance look more believable, often hurting themselves in the process. The show’s lead, Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie, too got injured while filming an action sequence, which led to her being covered in bruises and even a black eye.

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However, like a true warrior and her Game of Thrones character Lyanna Mormont, Bella is a true badass who is proud of her injuries, and was proud that she went the extra mile for the role.

Bella told IGN in a recent interview, “It was incredibly stressful but in a way that felt amazing. I got so many bruises. I actually got a real black eye at one point. Accidentally, the poor guy whacks me in the eye. I was so proud of it [the black eye]. I had a great time.”

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