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Bella Ramsey opens up about pronouns: “It’s impossible to misgender me”



Former Game of Thrones star Bella Ramsey landed a major role as Ellie in The Last of Us. HBO quickly approved a second season of the show due to its immediate success, and since then, there have been many discussions about what to anticipate from the upcoming season. However, there’s been another topic that has been surrounding the young actor; their gender identity.

Bella Ramsey clarifies their pronouns

It has been some time since fans have been speculating what pronouns Ramsey prefers, especially after they came out as non-binary last year. In an Instagram story, they wrote:

“I never wanted it to be a big deal. I think I said in the British Vogue interview as an offhand comment (which became the headline obvs) that they/them feels the most truthful, meaning that neutral pronouns describe me most accurately. But comfort wise… I’m good with any.”

Bella Ramsey is good with all the pronouns

Ramsey put the record straight with all the fans who’ve been confused about their gender identity, “I have no dysphoria surrounding pronouns. Call me she, call me they, call me he, call me however you see me. You cannot go wrong! It’s impossible to misgender me.”

In a Times interview, Ramsey stated that even though their gender identity has “been so dominating [in media coverage]” of their work, they still find it “one of the least interesting things to talk about.” Ramsey then ended the post with:

“This is the last time I will talk about gender stuff for a while”.

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