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Architect submits proposal for the US-Mexico Wall based on the Wall from Game of Thrones



As we all know already, the real world isn’t too far from Game of Thrones anymore. Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, has been talking about his plan to build a wall on the southern border of US (sound familiar?), and the proposals for the same are now being accepted by the government. Now, as we all know, not everybody agrees with Trump’s views about Mexicans, so the idea is still getting a lot of flak. An architect submitted his proposal for the wall, and he based it on the Wall from Game of Thrones.

Florida architect Keith Briggs submitted a 10-page long proposalof a wall built in the image of the Wall from Game of Thrones. Here is a quote from the proposal :

“[A]n 800-foot tall dihydrogen monoxide and aggregate solid concrete wall along our southern wall would beat the Westeros design and truly represent our country’s magnificent strength, manufacturing prowess, and vast intelligence. There is nothing that says prowess and intelligence like an 800-foot tall di-hydrogen monoxide concrete wall through a hundred-mile-wide unpopulated desert.”

Dihydrogen monoxide is nothing but Water, which means that Briggs is proposing an Ice wall. He really chose a brilliant way to troll by actually sounding serious throughout his proposal. The description continues :

“By description, [the Wall] has prevented the overrun of Westeros by an irreligious band of violent white-walkers. These illegal aliens have attempted to invade Westeros multiple times. The devastation and depravity of these illegal aliens exceed even the immoral aggressions of ISIS. By all accounts, the wall has been the only thing which has protected Westeros from violent takeover.

Unfortunately, it appears that the wall is not currently being adequately supported. Too few Night’s Watch (the equivalent of our ICE) have been available to patrol and defend the wall. Recent efforts to naturalize aliens from across the border have resulted in excessive violence at the wall and appear to have only increased the likelihood of a white walker breakthrough.”

He has sneaked in a lot of great gags into the proposal, like :

“While I only have anecdotal evidence with regard to this next point, it is my understanding that bad hombres from Mexico and really bad Muslim hombres from ISIS controlled territories do not like cold temperatures.”

Briggs also says in the proposal that they should build castles along the wall, with 30 miles in between two, and suggests they call the first one, Castle Black.

In all seriousness, Briggs actually has an organization called Makin’ Hay, and they plan on making an app to legally disturb government activities like these, as much as possible. While we don’t think efforts like these will attain much at this point, the sentiment behind them seem to be human.

The wall is scheduled to begin construction by June. Now that we’re at a point where nobody can really stop it from happening, would you like the wall to be like the one in Game of Thrones? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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