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Amanda Peet knows how Game of Thrones ends



Marriage is not easy. Game of Thrones reminds you that every now and then with a wedding. But even when it’s not about life and death, marriage still asks the price of answering for your partner’s crimes. Amanda Peet, an American actress well known for films like The Whole Nine Yards and 2012, has had to answer for pretty many deaths committed in her husband’s show. And the questions only get bigger as the giant called Game of Thrones’ end is near at hand.

The actress who’s married to Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff talked toPage Six at the premiere of her Amazon Video series,The Romanoffs. On being asked if she was privy to the information about the ending of A Song of Ice and Fire, she said, “I am scared and uncomfortable when people ask me about it. I am trying to be really good.” Jon Tenney, her co-star from The Romanoffs, chimed in as a fan, “I couldn’t get it out of her. I tried, I asked her a few times.”

Peet faced a similar crisis when she came on the American talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. Immediately after congratulating for her husband’s show winning big time at the Emmy’s, the hosts enquired if she has access to the Game of Thrones secrets. “I don’t want to go down this road right now,” she responded. Taking that as a yes, the hosts kept pushing the fan vibe. “I have a really bad poker face,”she gasped.

The clamor of Tell-Us-What-Happens went on and she admitted, “I know what happens, and I feel really uncomfortable that I know what happens.”

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Shunning any further conversation on the topic, she added, “So I am gonna have to go now.” Kelly, however, asked one final question before proceeding with the interview, “They have already finished filming it, yes? Or can you not tell us that?” Calming herself down, Amanda replied carefully, “They have finished filming. Yeah!”

As the end gets nearer, Game of Thrones showrunners and everyone related is doing everything in their capacity to keep thesecrecy intact. Do any of you have a story of closely guarding your spouse’s sought-after secrets? Tell us in the comments.


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