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Alys Rivers might be debuting in House of the Dragon Season 2 premiere




In House of the Dragon, what we have grown to love most about the Game of Thrones franchise was brought together in one fantastic season. Dragons, love, passion, loss, terror, blood, and deceit. Viewers and critics responded favorably to the first season, and fans are eager for the upcoming Targaryen tale part. Recent revelations have revealed some fresh information on the first episode of the prequel to Game of Thrones.

Alys Rivers might appear in the first episode of House of the Dragon Season 2

One of the most anticipated characters of the second season of House of the Dragon is Alys Rivers, Aemond Targaryen’s future lover. According to recent reports by House the Dragons fansite, the character, played by Gayle Rankin, was described as a “sinister” and “petulant” woman, with long black hair and who has a bizarre and loud laugh.


Alys Rivers by Hylora

In a scene directed by Alan Taylor, quite possibly for episode 1, Alys Rivers will be insulting some soldiers in the courtyard of Harrenhal, until one of them grabs her, then she says “How dare you touch me?” and spits on him.

Who is Alys Rivers?

Alys Rivers is Prince Aemond Targaryen’s bedmate, a wet nurse at Harrenhal, and a bastard of House Strong. Some people thought she was a witch queen because of her purported ability to perceive future visions. Alys was a bastard sired by Lord Lyonel Strong on an unknown woman when he was young.

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