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Alicent Hightower’s green dress from Rhaenyra’s wedding took 4 weeks to take form



alicent in a green dress in house of the dragon episode 5

Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is halfway through, and the set pieces in the infamous game of thrones are making their move. Episode 5 laid the foundation for an epic rivalry between the now established ‘greens’ and the ‘blacks’, with Queen Alicent openly embracing her Hightower identity. She feels betrayed by her best friend Rhaenyra, and her father’s banishment only strengthens her convictions. Alicent’s green attire was a bold statement, an announcement of war, that involved weeks of intense hard work and intricate designing.

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In the most recent episode of The House that the Dragon Built, the show’s cast and crew explained everything that went behind the scenes of the fifth episode. Makeup designer Amanda Knight said, “We played a lot of different things with her look for that [the wedding]. We had to give that strength that she’s got suddenly from being the fresh-faced young girl. She’s got a stringer makeup on, she means business.”

Alicent in her signature green

She added, “It’s a collaboration. She’s gotta have her strength from everyone. So if everyone can play their little role of giving her a strong costume, strong hair, strong makeup. When she makes that entrance you think, “Oh… what just happened here?”

Joanna Lynch, costume supervisor, revealed, “That dress probably took around four weeks to make from start to finish. It involved several fittings. The main process was the fabric choice. And once we had the fabric right, we knew that it would be fantastic.”

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