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Aegon III and Viserys II introduced in House of the Dragon Episode 8, and fans adore them




House of the Dragon episode 8 got us teary-eyed. It perfectly shows the conflicts the characters are facing toward fulfilling their responsibilities. Along with this, the Targaryen babies keep on coming. After the six-year-long time jump following the previous episode, Rhaenyra and Daemon have two more children. And a third is already on the way. The name of the older is Aegon, and the younger is Viserys.

One of the staff on set was worried that the kids were cut from the episode. Apparently, the young boys were not in a very good mood, and we hear them crying wholeheartedly in the episode too.

So far, everyone is glad they got to see the kids. The toddlers are adorable, and the audience has already fallen in love with them. Take a look at a few fan reactions below!

And also:

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But it was very sweet of Rhaenyra to introduce her kids to their grandfather. She even names her son after her father. It shows that no matter their time and distance apart, their love and respect for each other is unbreakable. Let us know your thoughts on the episode on our discord server.

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