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Baby Helaena and baby Jaehaera actresses are sisters in real life

The two Targaryens are real-life sisters.



Baby Helaena and baby Jaehaera actresses are sisters in real life
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Fans of House of the Dragon were delighted to discover that the actresses playing baby Helaena and baby Jaehaera Targaryen are sisters in real life. Their charming performances have added an extra layer of magic to the show.

Phia Saban portrays Queen Helaena Targaryen as an adult, while Evie Allen plays her as an older child. One of the sisters, Ziggy Hopkins took on the role of baby Helaena. The other sister, Lulu Hopkins portrays Princess Jaehaera, the daughter of Helaena and King Aegon II and twin sister to Prince Jaehaerys.

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Ziggy as baby Helaena

In Episode 5 of House of the Dragon, one of the sisters, Ziggy, played Princess Helaena. Her mother, Emma Hopkins, proudly shared pictures of Ziggy in costume on Instagram, giving fans a peek behind the scenes. Hopkins, a former West End performer, now runs the internationally touring Pitch Perfect choir in Great Longstone with her own mother, Louise, and husband, Tom Barker.

Hopkins signed Ziggy to an agency in 2021, and she was cast in House of the Dragon nearly a year ago. Ziggy filmed scenes cradled by actress Emily Carey, who plays Queen Alicent Hightower.

Hopkins spoke about the casting in an interview with BBC, saying:

“It was crazy to finally see her on the TV. We had to keep quiet so we couldn’t tell anyone until we had seen her on the telly ourselves. It’s just something totally exciting to have done that no one can take away from her when she’s older.”

Emma shared that Ziggy went through dress fittings and filming at Warner Bros. studio in Watford. The family got to meet the cast, who were all very welcoming. Emma, who has a background in West End musicals, felt proud of her daughter’s achievement, despite her young age.

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Lulu as baby Jaehaera

Ziggy’s sister Lulu played Jaehaera Targaryen in the first episode of the second series, which aired on Sunday, June 16.

In an interview with Derbyshire Times, Hopkins said:

“I’ve got three little girls and they all sing in the studio with me. They just love performing. It’s in their blood. It was amazing Ziggy being part of it, but to have two daughters cast is a bit surreal. We’re really proud of them.”

Lulu’s casting happened by chance. Hopkins signed Lulu with the agency Bonnie and Betty, and soon after, the audition for House of the Dragon came through. Lulu’s blonde hair and blue eyes matched the Targaryen look, and she resembled the actress playing her on-screen mother. Regarding the experience, Hopkins said:

“We never watched Game of Thrones before, but my brother was a massive fan and he told us how lucky we are to be part of it, and now we’re fans too.”

“It was an amazing experience and opportunity. Now when we watch stuff on television we see it in a totally different light. You don’t understand the level of detail that goes into it until you’re there. The set is so huge that Lulu thought it was a real castle. There was fire everywhere and all the props and sets are so intricate.”

Lulu’s character will have a significant role in Westeros’s future history, but for now, this is likely the end of her involvement. Emma hopes there will be more opportunities for her daughters in the future.

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