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Here’s why the TV adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire was named Game of Thrones



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George R. R. Martin is a modern-day literary icon. Because of the way he blends imagination and the real world, his writings have a unique taste. His writing on the political strife among many realms is among the most fascinating topics. Interestingly, that also inspired the name of the show that was adapted from his novels, the Game of Thrones. The author recently explained why the name of the show differed from his books.

The TV networks decide the name of the show

Martin has been highly vocal about the creation of his fantasy series. In a recent chat with Bang podcast, Martin revealed, “[T]he TV networks make these decisions. They purchase…the film and TV rights to my books, and for whatever reason they wanted to call it Game of Thrones rather than A Song of Ice and Fire.”

game of thrones george rr martin on iron throne

George R. R. Martin explains why the show was named Game of Thrones

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Martin also gave his take on how the HBO execs might have ended at Game of Thrones from A Song of Ice and Fire, “I suppose they did some kind of internal testing or something as they always do and settled on that thing. It is interesting…how iconic that phrase has become: game of something. I see it everywhere. I turn on the TV and there someone is, “well, this is a game of” and fill in the blank. It’s kind of flattering but also amusing. Nothing I ever expected.”

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