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8000 people showed up for Game of Thrones extras in Spain and the filming location for a big battle in season 7



Game of Thrones season 7 is beginning its journey towards our television screens as the casting for extras has begun and stars of the show are being spotted at filming locations frequently. Since a lot of filming for season 7 is going to take place in Spain, its casting agency Modexpor had sent out notices that the production was looking for 2400 men and 600 women for extras. It was assumed that the production required soldiers since the men were to be in good physical condition, and with preferable military experience. After the notice was issued, websiteLos Siete Reinos, reports that around 8000 people showed up on the first day itself.

Some of the people lined up in the wee hours of the morning, and one of the dedicated fans even secured a spot a day earlier. Reports suggest that the candidates were filtered out initially based on the requirement of the extras, and the ones selected moved on to the next round of selection, candidates were measured (height, waist, etc) and had their photos taken. Modexpor undergoes a process of selection to see if the candidate fits the bill and later makes the decision, until when the candidates have to wait. Out of the 8000 people who showed up, only 415 would get selected to appear on the show.

Based on what some of the selected extras has revealed to Spanish website Hoy, the city of Cáceres, consisting of Trujillo Castle, and the village of Malpartida, are going to stand as King’s Landing. Here’s a video of Cáceres, which totally seems to fit for King’s Landing:

Some of the candidates also revealed possible spoilers for what location the village of Malpartida would appear as on the show, and it seems that Malpartida’s beautiful seaside location called Los Barruecos, is going to be used for staging a battle where Daenerys’s fleet would arrive.

Based on the casting where the men are to be soldiers with a good physique, we can assume that they will be Daenerys’s Unsullied, and a battle might surely be filmed at the aforementioned location. Here’s what Los Siete Reinos has said:“The scene of the Barruecos in Malpartida will be a battle that will involve Unsullied.”

It looks like we’re in for some serious battle sequences when Dany arrives at King’s Landing with her army.

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