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7 Characters who may die in Game of Thrones Season 8



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7-characters-who-may-die-in-game-of-thrones-season-8-4208863 October 31st, 1:15am October 31st, 1:15am Abhinav Pathak22, Game of Thrones geek, Passionate Fiction Writer and the author of ‘Gopalkant’s Wife’.

Game of Thrones Season 8 returns in 2019 with the promise of a bittersweet ending and multiple character deaths.  We have already predicted 6 things which are obviously happening in the final season. With six months left in the series to air, we still have a lot to predict for the final season, especially the characters that are going to die. Let’s begin with the most obvious ones, or at least with what the last season left us with.

1. Lord Varys

After the demise of Littlefinger and Lady Olenna Tyrell, Lord Varys is the only power player alive in the series, who has played the Game of Thrones since the first season. He has served many rulers including Daenerys, her father, Robert Baratheon, and briefly Joffrey Baratheon. But, if you’ve been a book nerd, you might very well know what his actual intentions are (backing Young Griff instead of Daenerys).

Also, the last two seasons have definitely hinted at his demise. Firstly, it was when the Red Priestess Kinvara threatens him in the sixth season by saying, “As long as you are her [Dany’s] true friend, you have nothing to fear from me.” And, obviously, in the seventh season, Dany too threatened him of burning him alive if he ever betrays her. Melisandre too prophesized his death by saying, “Oh, I will return, dear spider…one last time…I have to die in this strange country, just like you.”

2. Melisandre

Melisandre has committed many atrocities in the past – worst of which is burning people alive just in the name of her religion. In the books, she has even burnt the sacred weirwood trees and the idols of the Seven. We have no idea what her real identity is, yet for the past two seasons she has done a lot to redeem herself.

She has brought the two key players Jon and Dany together to join forces in order to defeat the common enemy and still has a bigger role to play in the final season. Yet her death is inevitable as she herself prophesized it in the last season, maybe at the hands of Arya Stark.

3. Beric Dondarrion

Beric Dondarrion is the third in our list. He is already dead in the books (brings back Lady Stoneheart) but I believe he has a role to play in the final season of giving his life to bring back another from the dead. No clues on who that person would be but I have a strong feeling that he’ll go down in the show in a similar fashion by saving someone important maybe Dany or Arya if they die in the great war.

4. Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister has been full of power-lust, like her father Tywin since the first season. She has done unpredictable things to serve her and her children’s interest. She has turned out to be the ultimate human villain in the series. If the Valonqar prophecy is to be believed she will surely meet her demise of a Valonqar – meaning ‘little brother’ in High Valyrian. But, Arya Stark killing her and striking one of the names of her list would feel like a poetic justice.

5. The Mountain

I wish Oberyn Martell should have finished off this guy while he still had the chance! We don’t actually get to know what bizarre experiment Qyburn performed on him. We don’t know what Gregor Clegane A.K.A. the Mountain is now? Is he even alive or is he actually the zombie mountain? But the thing that we know is what he can do. Fans who are a great fan of the Clegane Bowl theory still believe that he will die at the hands of his brother Sandor Clegane – well, at least the latest episode teased it!

6. Euron Greyjoy

When Euron Greyjoy was introduced to the series in the sixth season, some fans who loved the book version of Euron more were totally disappointed. But the role of the character gained more importance in the last season, especially his brutal killing of two of the Sand Snakes (nobody actually misses them!). Now that he has Yara Greyjoy as a prisoner and Theon has finally redeemed himself, we can’t wait for a duel between him and his uncle. Moreover, Euron probably won’t have an important role to play in the Great War.

7. Theon or Yara Greyjoy


We all saw how Theon Greyjoy finally redeemed himself in front of the Ironborn and convinced them to join forces in order to rescue Yara.  But, what do you think will be the consequence of this venture; will Theon be able to rescue his sister?

Well, what I inferred here is that Euron is laying a trap for his nephew and as Harrag said about Yara, “Even if Euron hasn’t cut her throat yet, she is dead.” I have a strong feeling that either or both of the Greyjoy siblings will die in this mission.

Other characters that I didn’t include in this list are Jaime Lannister, Davos Seaworth, Grey Worm, Brienne of Tarth, Bran/Sansa Stark, and lastly Daenerys Targaryen. These characters have a lesser chance to die in the final season in comparison to the above seven. Still, we can’t bet for the same because of the ‘bittersweet’ ending that was promised by the writer George R. R. Martin.

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What were your thoughts on this article and who do you think will survive the events of the final season? Tell us in the comments.

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