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A fan added Lightsabers to the Arya-Brienne fight and made the scene way more awesome



In the 4th episode of Game Of Thrones season 7, Arya Stark finally returned to Winterfell and we got to see a wonderful Stark reunion. However, that wasn’t the only reunion in that episode which featured Arya Stark. Later in the episode, when Brienne and Podrick were training, Arya joined them and she requested Brienne to train with her as she was the one who defeated the Hound. Brienne agreed but she wasn’t expecting Arya to stun her with some slick moves.

Arya showed us that she has become a skilled assassin, who can easily fend off attacks by some of the best warriors. Brienne was surprised at the way Arya moved and it seemed like an evenly matched contest. The fight scene was one of the highlights of the episode, which also featured a battle involving the Dothraki and Drogon.

Now, a fan named Omid G has improved the already amazing fight scene by adding Lightsabers to it. Take a look at the video below:

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It’s amazing to see how adding the Lightsaber and it’s sound effect makes the scene way more awesome and fun to watch. I would love to see Jon Snow battling against the White Walkers in the upcoming episode using a Lightsaber.

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