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5 “New locations” we want to see in Game of Thrones Season 7



Throughout Game of Thrones, we have been introduced to a vast amount of locations. From the Slaver cities of Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen in Essos, to the Fist of the First Men beyond The Wall in Westeros. Yet, there are many more new locations that we are yet to see. Some we are all well aware of. Places such as Casterly Rock and Highgarden have been mentioned so frequently throughout the series, it’s easy to forget that we’ve never actually seen them. Others are perhaps more obscure. Yet, with Game of Thrones Season 7 fast approaching, and following it the final series, it’s about time we got the chance to see these other locations.

Since all of the main characters are now located in Westeros, the following are all locations set on the continent. Essos has many more locations we’d love to see. Yet it’s unlikely characters will venture back. So for now, let us say goodbye to Slaver’s Bay (sorry, the Bay of Dragons) and Qarth etc. Here we are then. Five new locations (set in Westeros) we want to see in Game of Thrones Season 7.



How often have we heard Casterly Rock mentioned throughout Game of Thrones? The Strength of Casterly Rock is something we used to associate with Tywin Lannister. However, now that Tywin is dead, along with his brother Kevan, the Lannister stronghold is now under the charge of Queen Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Casterly Rock is the ancestral castle stronghold of the Lannister family. Much like the Red Keep and the city of Kings Landing, Casterly Rock looms over the city of Lannisport. Thousands of years ago, it belonged to House Casterly. However, Lann the Clever, from whom the Lannisters trace their line, tricked House Casterly into giving up the rock.

In the TV show, we have not had the chance to see the might of Casterly Rock. However, considering the fact that Season 7 is set to see a fresh battle between three very different monarchs, I think the upcoming season will be the one in which we get to see the Lannister’s famed stronghold.



Similar to Casterly Rock, Highgarden is another location that is referenced frequently in the Game of Thrones TV series. In Season 3, Sansa Stark becomes part of the Tyrell plot to steal the North away from House Lannister. Of course, Sansa, naive girl that she was, is totally unaware of this. Highgarden is one of the main tools the Tyrells use to lure Sansa in. They promise her all she has ever wanted. Chivalrous knights, beautiful gardens, all in a bountiful location. Highgarden is famed for its appearance, yet the closest we have come to it in the TV series is Oldtown and Horn Hill. Both also located in The Reach.

Now that Season 7 is set to see a fresh war ignite between House Lannister and House Tyrell, I think Highgarden will shortly appear on our screens. However, whether we get the chance to appreciate its beauty is another matter. War and winter may cause the rose to whither.



Whilst the previous two locations are well known by fans of the TV series, the Isle of Faces is a location we’ve not heard about in the show. However, the location is referenced often in the books. The Isle of Faces is located in the middle of the great lake, The God’s Eye, which is set between the Riverlands and the Crownlands. The castle of Harrenhal is located on the North shore of The God’s Eye. The Isle of Faces is a sacred place to the people of Westeros. It was here that the Children of the Forest and the First Men signed a peace pact. Nowadays, it is not a location to which many travel. The Green men, priests of the Old Gods, currently reside there. Ancient Weirwood trees also cover the island.

Due to the fact that the island has not been mentioned in the show, it is uncertain whether we will see the location. Yet, the power of the Children of the Forest is said to still exist there. As such, a few characters may pay a visit to the Green Men, in order to discover a way to defeat the White Walkers…



Greywater Watch is the home of House Reed. Jojen and Meera, who aided Bran in his journey beyond The Wall, both belong to House Reed and are the children of Ned Stark’s bannerman, Lord Howland Reed. Greywater Watch is the southernmost stronghold of the North. As such, the Reeds and the Freys of the crossing have a poor relationship. Yet, there is also a mystical element to Greywater Watch, for it is said that the castle moves. This is due to its location in the middle of a swamp.

There is one key reason why we are likely to see Greywater Watch make an appearance in Season 7. This is the fact that Lord Howland Reed is one of the only men alive who knows the truth about Jon Snow’s parentage. Bran Stark’s word alone is not enough to convince others in Westeros. Howland Reed was at the Tower of Joy. He’s a witness! So, fingers crossed we get the chance to venture into the swamp and discover the allusive Greywater Watch and with it, Lord Reed himself.



Many Game of Thrones fans were left disappointed by the on-screen representation of Dorne. Dorne was limited to footage of the Water Gardens and some sandy beaches on the shores of the narrow sea. Its people were also somewhat two-dimensionally depicted. All they seemed to care about was sex and violence. In Game of Thrones terms, this is pretty common. Yet, the representation seemed largely chosen to encourage a play-off between Bronn’s character and those of the Sand Snakes. However, hopefully the show runners will have learned something from previous seasons. This brings me onto Sunspear, the main stronghold in Dorne and the seat of House Martell.

Now that war is certain, it is likely that we will see Sunspear in Season 7. There is also a chance that Danny may land in Dorne, to sure up her alliances, before travelling onto Dragonstone. The Water Gardens are a dull location and didn’t do much to excite fans. Perhaps seeing the Dornish capital will reignite their passion. In any case, Dorne will make an appearance in Season 7, whether we see Sunspear or not. Let’s all hope we do, though!


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