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10 Reunions we want to see from Game of Thrones Season 7



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December 24th, 11:28pm December 24th, 11:28pm Michael SmithMichael Smith is an entertainment writer and short story writer from Portsmouth, UK. After finishing a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, Michael started his own entertainment blog, ‘Subterranean Homesick Blog’, which he is in the process of developing into an official site. Michael’s interests lie in Television, Film and Music. His favorite Game of Thrones character is Ser Davos Seaworth, mainly because of his Geordie accent.

In recent weeks, the hype around Game of Thrones Season 7 has been consistently building. The teaser promo released by HBO and the recently leaked photos of a new set in Spain have only added to the excitement. Coming into Christmas, and winter, I don’t know how I’ll be able to manage the long wait to Season 7. But we’re all in it together, so why not pass the time by indulging in our deepest fan-based desires (not those kind of desires!)

The last post I wrote focused on the theme of revenge and what revenge moments we wanted to see from Season 7. In the comments section of the post, a Facebook user mentioned her excitement for potential reunions, thus creating the inspiration for this post! Reunions will be as vital as revenge for the upcoming season. So, here is our list of the top 10 reunions we want to see from Game of Thrones Season 7.

#1. Arya & Sansa


It’s easy to forget after watching both sisters develop for the past six seasons, that they’ve actually not seen each other since before Ned’s imprisonment back in season 1. Prior to Ned’s execution, Arya and Sansa’s relationship was fraught, to say the least. Now, after their own violent journeys, I’m excited to see how they will come together. Perhaps a new-found respect will enable the sisters to become a formidable force?

#2. Tyrion & Jaime


Tyrion and Jaime’s relationship was probably the Lannister’s only redeeming feature. Their brotherly love was so strong it led Jaime to go against the crown and set Tyrion free, after the infamous trial by combat. However, their relationship is now uncertain, since Tyrion murdered their father. It’s highly likely that the brothers will be reunited in Season 7, yet it’s anyone’s guess how that meeting will go.

#3. Arya & Jon


Though Arya and Sansa never saw eye-to-eye, the same cannot be said for Arya and Jon. Their relationship was built on the fact that they were both outsiders; Jon a bastard, Arya an un-ladylike little lady. At the end of Season 6, Arya still has Needle, the sword Jon gave to her, and is back in Westeros. Her destination is likely North. If this is the case, then Jon and Arya will surely reunite. They may even share war stories.

#4. Tyrion & Bron


Throughout Seasons 2 & 3, Tyrion and Bron’s relationship was the source of much comic relief. Lines such as ‘There’s not cure for being a c**t’ and scenes like the one after Tyrion’s ‘gift’ to Pod, took the edge off the darker parts of the series. Now that Tyrion is on his way back to Westeros, he will most probably come face to face with his former sell-sword friend. Their interchanges were always fantastic, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a reunion does occur!

#5. Varys & Littlefinger


In time gone by, I could never work out who was the Goody. Varys was the spider; a foreigner not to be trusted. Littlefinger was a ruthless villain whose hand you were always unsure of. Yet, after the events of Season Six, I’m now certain that neither of them are a hero or villain. Given the fact that Varys is currently travelling toward Westeros and that Jon and Danny have been photographed together on set, one can assume that Varys and Littlefinger will have a reunion in Season 7. Their intellectual battles always did make for great viewing!

#6. Tyrion & Pod


This reunion is perhaps a lesser one than those that have come before. The last time Tyrion and Pod saw each other was in the cells of the Red Keep. Tyrion ordered Pod to either betray him or leave Kings Landing, in order to save his life. If the pair were to reunite for a scene, then there’d be a subtle whiff of audience gratification. But who cares? We want to see it and we hope we do!

#7. Arya & The Hound


Arya didn’t end things too well with The Hound, what with leaving him to die in agony, so there’s no telling how either will react if they were to reunite. Then again, they would not have been able to had Arya finished him off, so no hard feelings? I doubt it. In any case, a reunion of the murderous pair would be fantastic to see. The Hound’s influence on Arya is obvious; he turned her into a ruthless killer. He’s kind of like her teacher in that sense, so it’ll be interesting to see how they interact should they reunite.

#8. Jon & Bran


At the end of Season 6, Jon is under the impression that two, if not all of his brothers are dead. The last he heard of Bran, he was heading north of the wall and Jon knows what’s out there. Bran, however, is unaware of Rob or Rickon’s death. Despite the fact that we know they’re not brothers at all, a reunion of the two will be touching to watch. The last time Jon saw Bran he was lying unconscious after his fall. They’ve both come a long way since then, there (North) and back again.

#9. Arya & Gendry


Seasons 2 & 3 saw Arya and Gendry go from being mere travelling companions to having an almost brother and sisterly relationship. They looked out for each other and survived the horrors of Harrenhal. Whether the two will reunite this season is uncertain, since Arya is likely heading North and Gendry is probably still a few hundred meters from Dragonstone. If they do, however, It’ll be an emotional reunion and a chance to finally see Gendry again!

#10. Bran & Arya


The two middle children were always the worst. Bran climbed towers and Arya threw food at her sister during Royal feasts. But how far they’ve come. Bran is now the Three Eyed Raven and Arya is a killer to rival any in Westeros. When we first saw them, they were your typical bickering siblings. You may remember Arya embarrassing Bran in front of his brothers by hitting a bullseye during his archery practice. I think it’s safe to say the childish arguments will cease when/if they reunite.

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There you have it. Many more reunions will likely take place in the upcoming season, so apologies if I’ve left out one you’d set your heart on. Even if only a few of these occur, it’ll surely make for some great viewing and may even cause a few tears. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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