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Yet another new structure spotted at Titanic Studios King's Landing set

Game of Thrones is currently filming for Season 8, and we have been getting quite a few set updates. Now, we know the production filmed at theMagheramorne Quarry and Moneyglass sets, with production expected to now move to the King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios. We have brought you all the developments from this set as well, and now we have a new, quirky addition to the set. Read on!

First off, there’s a couple of pictures giving an update on the set construction, showing a green screen on this set:

Set construction for @GameOfThrones viewed from @TitanicBelfast
Eeeeekkkkkk ?? #GOT

— Christine Williams (@cmwilliams6) April 8, 2018

Kings Landing ready for action @GameOfThrones @WiCnet @IrishThrones @WatchersOTWall @cindymcross3

— Stephen McGuckin ⚡️ (@SGuckin) April 8, 2018

However, it looks like the set will have more than just this bit of CGI. A new but previously unseen structure hints at more CGI, according to a new report by Los Siete Reinos. LSR has posted pictures of a castle on the set, blood red in color. Now this isn’t red like the Red Keep, it’s pure textbook red, as a green screen in textbook green. Check out the pictures, below:

Apparently this will be used for CGI purposes, sort of a red screen, instead of a green one. We know that green screens are a common thing, but apparently in certain circumstances blue, and even red screens are used. Now, red screens aren’t used when humans are supposed to film in front of the screen, since there are red tones on the human screen. This means we will probably be seeing this being used to film something non-human, maybe the Army of the Dead with their prosthetics and body paint? Would make sense because they usually carry the cool shade of blue, and red would be a good contrast enough to add CGI.

What do you guys think? Got any theories about what could be filmed around this red ‘screen’? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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