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Who was Viserys really talking about before his death in Episode 8?




The eighth episode of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is finally here. It was anticipated for a really long time, being a major point in the storyline where a lot of things happen that are going to have an ominous effect over the rest of the seasons. After years of constantly struggling with illness, the noble King Viserys dies in episode 8, and his death leaves the entire kingdom in shambles.

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Viserys’ death scene is particularly intriguing. He is clearly in the throes of his death, mumbling out his final words before he dies. The only person close to him is his wife Alicent Hightower, who listens to him expressing his love for his children, his regrets, and his heir. Alicent interprets these words, or rather her brain interprets them for her, as if Viserys is talking about their children, naming Aegon II as his heir. But is it really the case?

greens house of the dragon episode 8 alicent with her children

We have seen Viserys losing his mind a bit under intense pain, both emotional and physical, over the first season as it got worse every succeeding episode. In episode 7, he accidentally calls Alicent, Aemma. We know from earlier episodes he still has her ring with her, so we know his love for both Rhaenyra and Aemma was never shaken even a bit.

In his last moments, Viserys is under the influence of the milk of the poppy, which causes him to hallucinate, and think Alicent is Rhaenyra. He is actually referring to Rhaenyra and her kids, as the heir to the Iron Throne, confessing his regrets as a father and his love for her. In the books, it is not even mentioned what Viserys’ last words were, as Alicent keeps his death a secret until Aegon’s coronation, for fear of anyone opposing her own conviction.

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Mr Oy
Mr Oy
5 months ago

Aegon is the true name of Jon Snow (who is the prince that was promised). He is having a vision.