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House of the Dragon episode 10 will reveal what’s under Aemond’s eyepatch




Episode 10 titled, “The Black Queen” will be the last House of the Dragon episode for about two years. Just a day after the release, the preview sits at over 4 million views. In a second-long clip, Aemond removes his eyepatch. Why is this interesting, you ask? Because there is something precious under his eyepatch. In the book, Fire & Blood, he was known to have a sapphire in place of his eye.

Season 1 Episode 10 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

As the grown-up Aemond’s pictures were released, readers didn’t bat as eye when he was seen wearing an eyepatch. In the book, he wore it on occasion so as to not terrify people. But after four episodes of that eyepatch going nowhere, fans had accepted that House of the Dragon will not feature a sapphire-eyed Aemond. But, the preview of episode 10 gives up hope that maybe, the sapphire is still in the game.

As he uncovers his eye, there is a millisecond of a glimmer before the screen cuts to black. From the lack of brightness, it might be a dark blue sapphire, almost close to black. It will be interesting to see why Aemond is finally removing that eyepatch. He most probably keeps that on to keep the sapphire secure during day-to-day activities like sword training and dragon riding.

Do you think Aemond will look better flaunting that sapphire all the time, or is the eyepatch adding more mischief to his character? Let us know on our discord server.

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