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Watch the trailer for Game Of Thrones season 7 finale!



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The latest Game Of Thrones episode, Beyond the Wall was a complete shocker and it broke the hearts of millions of fans around the world when the Night King killed one of Daenerys’ dragon, Viserion and later resurrected it and made it a part of his dead army.

Game Of Thrones continued its tradition of making epic penultimate episodes for a season and the latest episode just left us speechless. We now have only one episode remaining in Game Of Thrones season 7 and HBO has just released its trailer and looking at it, we know that it will be simply amazing. Take a look at the trailer for the upcoming episode below:

Kit Harington had recently revealed in an interview that we would get to see an incredible season 7 finale and after watching the trailer, we completely agree with him. The trailer begins with the Unsullied standing in formation just outside King’s Landing and the Dothraki join them, while a concerned Jaime and Bronn look at them from the castle. We also get to see Euron’s fleet docked just outside King’s Landing and Tyrion, Theon and Varys are seen looking at his huge fleet just as they arrive there.

I liked the way they have shown the scenes in the trailer. On one hand, we can see a concerned Jaime staring at a huge army standing right at their doors and on the other hand, we can see his brother, Tyrion anxiously staring at the huge naval force that has assembled at King’s Landing.

The finale is making sure that almost all the important characters are at the same place for the first time in the series and the trailer introduces the Dragonpit for the first time in the show. We can see all the characters arriving inside the Dragonpit and Cersei is wearing something different for the special occasion. However, it’s interesting that the trailer doesn’t have even one shot of Daenerys and I feel that Daenerys will make a grand entry while riding on Drogon.

Other than King’s Landing, we get to see Sansa at the Winterfell battlements, walking alone and the scene looks very gloomy. We can’t see Arya in the trailer and we don’t know whether the situation between Sansa and Arya improves or worsens.

The trailer also shows us Theon on the beach at Dragonstone and this scene might be at the start of the episode, as he is present during the Dragonpit scene. We might also get to see Yara as Euron is in King’s Landing and who knows, Theon might get to meet Yara and that would be an interesting scene.

The trailer ends with Jon Snow saying, “There’s only one war that matters. And it is here.

What are your thoughts about the trailer of the season 7 finale? Let us know in the comments below.

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