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Daredevil star Vincent D’Onofrio criticizes Secret Invasion’s A.I.-made opening credits



With Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania, Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has already begun. The new TV series “Secret Invasion” will continue the journey with some new faces. Former Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke will make her Marvel debut as the world experiences the first-ever full-scale Skrull invasion. However, a lot of people aren’t pleased with the opening credits of the show.

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Big mistakes are being made by the MCU

Daredevil star Vincent D’Onofrio is pretty reputed in the Hollywood circle, and he recently tweeted how disappointed he was by Secret Invasion’s use of A.I., “Big mistakes are being made by the studios, certain production houses Journalists and News corporations around the world with how they are using AI.
It seems that they are trusting AI to be the heart, soul and decision maker for the outcome of actual product they’re producing.

How can they not notice the dead like quality of what it produces. AI does not have a heart and soul.
It can not consider the human experience so therefore it should not be making decisions when it comes to art or anything really.

It was brought forward metaphorically and practically as paint kit so to speak. A tool. It is however at the hand of a living artists able to create art with it that is not dead inside. That is original so to speak. I mean in the end all art is just variations on variations on variations is it not. AI is equivalent in a way to Lincoln Log sets that snap things together. Yet it lives only from, only because of the human hand.
So it seems we are heading for another divide in art.”

Vincent D’Onofrio is concerned about the artists

D’Onofrio had a lot to say about A.I affecting the real art, “The creation of dead crap with no experience that will sell and the creation of the heart, soul and endless range of the human experience that will also sell. This divide is inevitably I feel. It’s happening.”

“I believe AI is somewhat of threat to certain people doing jobs. Which is truly unfortunate but it is not the end of the human experience. Real living artists with true talent will evolve as they always have.
They will continue to create legitimate art as we always have and that art will always have an audience.
Isn’t it true that in the past at times and in the here and now we are exposed to a story or visual or any creation for that matter and we think to ourselves what kind of crap is this.


Well folks surprise surprise that’s gonna continue.
As long as those big entities use it to cut costs by depending solely on the machine to create and no human talent to direct it.

So look to the legit creations by the human mind, the human hand for the good stuff.
Who use their minds, hearts and soul to create art and things with the use of whatever tools out there and yes including AI.
Most of us as an audience or as artists always have looked to that and not the dead like crap of mass produced nonsense.
And we will continue.”

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