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When Ty Tennant (young Aegon) surprised his father David with his new role in Good Omens



Ty Tennant (young Aegon) to join his father David in Good Omens Season 2

With the now-adult characters, the House of The Dragon Season 1 finale has taken us to the threshold of a full-fledged civil war as a result of the several time jumps that have been apparent during the whole run of the show. Ty Tennant, the son of the most well-known Doctor Who actor, David Tennant, played an older, presumably in his early teens, Aegon II during one of these time leaps in episode 6. He followed his father into the hit show, Good Omens.

David Tennant was surprised when his son joined Good Omens

Tennant, in a recent interview, told Variety that he wasn’t even aware that his son had auditioned for the show. He recalled, “I don’t know how that happened. I do a bunch of self-tapes with Ty, but I don’t think I did this one with him because I was out of town filming Good Omens. He certainly wasn’t cast before we started shooting. There were two moments during filming where [Good Omens creator Neil Gaiman] bowled up to me and said, ‘Guess, who we’ve cast?’”

criston cole and aegon

Crowley (David Tennant) meets Job’s children in Good Omens Season 2

Good Omens Season 2 - Crowley turns Jobs children to lizards 🦎

David Tennant on his little family reunion on Good Omens

Not only his son Ty but also his father-in-law Peter Davison also played a role in the show. He said, “Ty definitely auditioned and, as I understand it, they would tell me, he was the best. I certainly imagine he could only possibly have been the best person for the job. He is really good in it, so I don’t doubt that’s true.”

“And then my father-in-law showed up, as well, which was another delicious treat. In the same episode and the same family! It was pretty weird. I have worked with both of them on other projects, but never all together.”

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