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Conleth Hill (Varys) was “inconsolable” after Game of Thrones Season 8 finale disaster




The debate surrounding Game of Thrones season 8 is still fresh in the minds of die-hard fans. Even though HBO’s profitable mint has finished filming for almost four years now, people are still talking about it. After all, the wildly successful and fan-favorite show polarised its audience with a contentious and hurried-up final season. The series’ cast is divided on the subject as well, not just the viewers. Conleth Hill, who played Lord Varys on the series, recently opened up about it.

The last two seasons were unbearable for Conleth Hill


Most fans noticed a change in the narrative of Game of Thrones after Season 6. And they were right. Hill, in a recent interview with The Times, revealed, “Right up until the last two series, I had no complaints at all. I just felt frustrated with the last couple of [seasons] because Varys wasn’t the all-knowing character he had been.”

Conleth Hill was “inconsolable” after Game of Thrones ended

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Game of Thrones was a masterpiece in many ways, and to see a masterpiece go down the Titanic route just wasn’t digestible for the fans, and also a number of actors. Hill was one of them. He said, “I think the writers wanted to do one thing to end it and the studio HBO wanted to do another. I felt that last [season] was a bit rushed. I was inconsolable, but now I’m fine about it.”

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