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Top 10 best duos in Game of Thrones from season 1 to 6



From the first series and onwards, Game of Thrones has had a fine collection of dynamic character duos. Whether they are a force for good, for evil, or just comedic effect, the series has continually reconfigured itself to come up with these intriguing and entertaining matches. It is one of the show’s greatest strengths. And don’t we just love watching these characters play off against each other?

In season one, we saw the bromance between Tyrion and Bronn begin to blossom. Now going into season 7, I’m hoping for a reunion between the two. Likewise, the opportunity to watch the bromance between Jon Snow and Tormund go to a new level is an exciting prospect. Not that kind of level! In fact, there is still the potential for new duos to develop. I’m putting a bet on Ser Davos and Lyanna Mormont to become a strong force in Season 7, as she will fill the place of Shireen in Davos’ heart.

Enough of the conjecture! Here we are. The best duos in Game of Thrones in particular order:

1. Arya & The Hound

How could we forget possibly the greatest duo the show has ever seen? In fact, the match up between Arya and The Hound is one of the best duos in TV history. That is no exaggeration. After meeting in the Riverlands (by meeting I mean The Hound’s kidnap of Arya), both killers developed a strange relationship. In a sense, The Hound almost became a father figure. However, what kind of a father teaches his daughter to kill? Also, what kind of a father initially kidnaps his child? Whatever the situation, the relationship between Arya and The Hound was dark, comedic and ultimately tragic, as Arya left him to die. Yet the Hound survived, so a reunion is on the cards this season. Fingers crossed!

2. Tyrion & Bronn

Once again, another classic Game of Thrones duo. Both characters met during Season 1 on the road to the Vale of Aryyn, under the charge of Lady Stark. However, their relationship lasted much longer than many of their travelling companions. After four seasons together, Tyrion’s trial split the pair apart. Bronn was bought by Cersei in exchange for giving evidence against Tyrion. However, this betrayal was always on the cards. Yet, with Tyrion on his way back to Westeros, we will soon find out whether there are any hard feelings between the two.

3. Pod & Brienne


Pod and Brienne were brought together at the end of Season Four, and, two seasons later, they are one of our favourite duos. Brienne’s refusal to give up on her quest to save the Stark girls and Pod’s devotion to serve her has made them an endearing duo. Each has also enabled the other to grow. Brienne has trained Pod to fight. Pod has helped Brienne come to terms with her status as a Lady. They are also one of the few surviving duos on the show and we hope they both stay that way for the upcoming seasons! However, this is Game of Thrones and survival is always a lottery.

4. Tyrion & Varys

In Season Two, the master of whispers and the new Hand of the King were thrust together by the beginning of the War of the Five Kings. Tyrion’s role was to keep Joffrey from losing his crown and to also prepare the city of King’s Landing for war. Varys helps him in this. Yet, with Season Two far in the past, the pair are still in positions of power, this time with the incoming wannabe ruler of Westeros, Daenerys Targaryen. One can assume their relationship will continue to entertain viewers for the upcoming seasons. I for one am looking forward to it!

5. Brienne & Jaime

Jaime and Brienne’s relationship was one of the most complex in Game of Thrones. At first, the two despised each other. That hate turned to care, after their experience at Harrenhal. Now, it is difficult to say exactly what they feel for each other. However, what does seem obvious is that, on some level, Brienne and Jaime appear to be in love. Yet, as with all good love stories, it is fraught with conflict. One of the biggest conflicts being the fact that both back different sides in the war to come. Their reunion in Season 6 will surely not be the last time we see these characters together, so stay tuned for Season 7.

6. The Mountain & Qyburn 


This may seem like a random duo to include in such a list, but come on! The Mountain and Qyburn are basically Frankenstein and his monster. Whether Qyburn will die at the hands of the Mountain, like Frankenstein, is difficult to say. Wouldn’t it be wonderfully poetic? However, I think Game of Thrones will end up dispatching both characters in its own unique way. I personally can foresee Qyburn being sizzled by a Dragon. I’m not too sure why. As for The Mountain, that’s another matter entirely.

7. Jon Snow & Dolorus Edd

The 998th Lord Commander of Night’s Watch and the now 999th Lord Commander are the longest running duo on the list. After Sam departed for Oldtown in Season 5, Jon Snow and Dolorus Edd grew closer. In fact, Edd played a crucial and understated role in the resurrection of Jon Snow, sneaking out of Castle Black and bringing the Wildlings back with him to stop Ser Alliser from destroying Jon’s body. Now that Jon has abandoned the watch, Edd is in charge of defending The Wall. However, I doubt Jon will simply forget about the threat from the White Walkers. Season 7 will see the two once again reunited beneath The Wall.

8. Danny & Missandei

After Doreah’s betrayel of Danny in Season two and the murder of her other handmaids in Qarth, Danny is left without any female friends or servants. Whilst this is greatly different in the books, the introduction of Missandei has an important impact of Daenerys. Missandei is introduced in Season 3 of Game of Thrones. She is a slave of Astapor. However, as we know, Danny sets her free. Now, five season’s later, Missandei is one of Danny’s most trusted advisors. The duo has a close relationship and one we are sure to see more of in Season 7.

9. Jon Snow & Tormund 

A new dynamic duo formed in the build up to the Battle of the Bastards. Jon Snow and Tormund had previously shared many scenes together. The respect each had for the other was obvious. However, in Season 6, both characters went to a new level, as they took the place of my favourite Game of Thrones duo. Not only are they both great fighters, they also share a real bond due to the experiences they have had in battle, firstly with each other at Castle Black and then together during the attack on Hardhome. I hope the duo remain intact to the end of Game of Thrones, but I know that is unlikely. All we can do is hope!

10. Jaime & Bronn


Back in Season 4, a new favourite duo were forged. This partnership threw Jaime Lannister, a man without honour, together with Tyrion’s sellsword, Bronn, a man with even less honour. Whilst this duo are not a part of the books, fans grew to love the dynamic between the pair. Despite the fact that their first adventure together ended in failure, both in terms of rescuing Myrcella and in capturing the wonders of Dorne for audiences across the world, viewers were given another chance to view the pair in action in Season 6. Fans have enjoyed their dynamic partnership ever since. With war approaching once again, it looks likely that we will see more of Jaime and Bronn. The question is, who will Bronn support when confronted with Tyrion? We’ll have to wait and see in Season 7!

BONUS: Joffrey & his Crossbow

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