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Latest video from HBO reveals a massive spoiler from Game of Thrones season 7



HBO has released a new behind the scenes video titled, “Inside Game of Thrones: A Story in Cloth (HBO).” The video features an interview with Michele Clapton, who’s the costume designer for Game of Thrones. Michele talks about her journey till now and how she uses costumes to tell a story. The video shows us sketches of the costumes for some of the characters and also includes some behind the scenes footage from the upcoming season.

Take a look at the video below:

The video is pretty interesting as we get a close-up look at some of the costumes and scenes which features characters such as Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow, Arya, Sansa, Davos Seaworth, Lyanna Mormont and many more. We take a look at some of the intersting parts from the video.

A close-up of Cersei Lannister’s badass shoulderpads.


This is an interesting scene as Jon Snow is standing at a place where there’s only greenery and a sea in the background. It’s quiet possible that he’s standing on an island and we know who else is going to land on an island in season 7.


We have seen Daenerys and her new throne at Dragonstone before. In this scene, we get a closer look at her throne.


In the trailer for season 7, we had seen Cersei’s giagantic version of Google Maps for Westeros. The map was incomplete in the trailer and we can see the artist working on the reamaining portion of the map in the video.


Sophie Turner seems to be having fun, while throwing snow balls at someone. This seems more of a behind the scenes clip rather than a clip from the show, but it feels good to see the Starks having some fun.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau seems to be casually hanging around on the sets as he doesn’t seem to be wearing his costume.


We have another scene involving Daenerys in the Chamber of the Painted Table. In the trailer, we got to see many close-up shots of the table and another one which featured Daenerys and Tyrion standing in front of the table.


This is another interesting scene from the video, as we can see Samwell clearing cobwebs in the Citadel. That mean, it’s not going to be an easy journey for Samwell in the Citadel when the season begins. He might have to do some cleaning and other labourous work while studying to become a maester. It might also be possible that he’s using the stick to remove some scroll from the top shelf but it seems unlikely.


Liam Cunningham is looking at some pictures in a camera and having a laugh. This definitely doesn’t seem like any technology that’s present in Westeros and has to be a behind the scene clip :p


Tyrion is taking a stroll on the beach at Dragonstone.


We then get a look at some of the costume sketches.



And some close-up shots of Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams.



Daenerys, Grey Worm and Missandei are walking with the Unsullied. Most probably at Dragonstone.


We can see the Hound playing with fake snow in this scene it just confirms that he and the Brotherhood Without Banners are mostly travelling North as they last discussed in season 6.


The Franken-Mountain in his new armour sans the helmet and we can see the dark make-up around his eyes.


Here’s the new fan-favourite, Lyanna Mormont, sitting in front of Brienne.


Is Littlefinger walking out of the Winterfell crypts in this scene?


We can see Jon Snow and Tormund standing in this scene and there are other characters like Sansa, Brienne, Podrick, Lord Glover. It’s intersting to see Alys Karstark and Maester Wolkan in this scene.


Arya Stark is riding through snow. We saw her struggling with the cold in the season 7 trailer and it does seem certain that she’s on the way to Winterfell.


Sansa is in the crypts. We hope to see something interesting happening in this scene.


This has to be the most unexpected scene from the video as it reveals a big plot twist. In this scene we can see Cersei Lannister and the Mountain standing in front of Ellaria Sand, who seems to be in chains. Now we don’t know how this is going to happen but it is going to be one important scene!


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