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Tom Taylor (Cregan Stark) swears his allegiance to Queen Rhaenyra on Instagram




The teaser trailer for House of the Dragon’s second season was recently released! Fans have praised this fantasy epic highly, just as they did Game of Thrones. HBO had largely been mum about a lot of story details, sets and characters, however, ever since the trailer reveal, a lot more has come to light. One of the most awaited characters of the series, Lord Cregan Stark, will be joining the prequel in Season 2. And Tom Taylor, who plays the role, has declared his allegiance already.

House Stark stands with Queen Rhaenyra

Readers of George R. R. Martin’s Fire and Blood already know that Lord Cregan Stark will play a big role in House of the Dragon Season 2. He will be a major support to Queen Rhaenyra and the Blacks. Tom Taylor, who was quite silent up until the teaser launch, has now openly committed to his on-screen persona, declaring his support for the Blacks on Instagram.

Tom Taylor and Harry Collett’s (Jacaerys) off-screen bromance

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Before Taylor openly thanked the fans for their support on his casting as Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon, his real-life bff Harry Collett kept teasing the fans, and was the first one to confirm the fact that he indeed was playing the Warden of the North. He celebrated the release of the trailer with a picture of him and Taylor, with a wolf emoji that sealed the deal about his casting.

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