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This recurring character on Game of Thrones is a big Cersei Lannister fan



Game of Thrones has a lot of characters, some of which a lot of the people who watch it don’t even remember. Not to mention all those other host of characters who are unnamed or whose names might only have been uttered once or twice. It’s hard to keep track of everyone who appears on such a diverse show with so many plot lines, so nobody would blame you if you were to overlook one of those extremely minor characters. But Game of Thrones is a show that loves playing with details that don’t always go unnoticed. The same goes for characters. One such person Bernadette, a recurring character who caught our attention during episode 3 of season 7, ‘The Queen’s Justice’.

When Cersei, like the devil may care queen she is, opened the door of her chamber in which she had obviously slept with her brother Jaime, we saw a woman stood outside looking rather impressed with what her queen had just done. That woman was Bernadette, who looked quite different from what she did in the previous seasons. One Redditor brought our attention to this minor detail. Bernadette had adopted Cersei’s look in a sheer stroke of admiration. As you can see in this image:

While we know this was only a minor character development, let’s not rule out the possibility that Arya could very well have taken Bernadette’s face and murdered Cersei if she hadn’t been busy heading home to Winterfell at last.

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