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Netflix's next big show has a Game of Thrones connection

Game of Thrones is the envy of everybody that’s not HBO, and we know how hard some of them, like Netflix and Amazon, are trying to get their own Game of Thrones sized hit, and while they haven’t been successful per se, they have had smaller hits. Netflix’s next possible hit, Altered Carbon, has a Game of Thrones connection. Read on!

Netflix recently unwrapped their latest show, a murder-mystery series named Altered Carbon. The teaser trailer of the show has beeb generating quite the buzz. Watch it below :

Now, you must be wondering about what the Game of Thrones connection is. Well, the pilot episode of the show will be directed by none other than Miguel Sapochnik, who is considered the best director Game of Thrones has had!

In case you don’t know, Sapochnik has worked on biggies like Hardhome, Battle of the Bastards and The Winds of Winter, which are among the absolute best of Game of Thrones, and television, on the whole. Altered Carbon does have a very interesting setting, and everybody is expecting Sapochnik to make the best out of it. We expect no less, and given its the pilot he is handling, it seems like the show will kick off with a bang, and that’s certainly going to make this one worth looking out for.

The producer of the show, Laeta Kalogridis, talked about what the show aims to be :

“The complexity of the story requires — as noir often does — to make something that’s an extremely twisty murder mystery, but it also had to be hard-R tonally. And a hard-R sci-fi movie usually is something like Logan, for example, where you’re building out a piece of a franchise.”

Well the last Netflix show with a Game of Thrones connection was Black Mirror, which starred Jerome Flynn (Bronn) in one of the episodes, and that’s a great show, and we’re sure this one will be, as well. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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