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This is why Benjen Stark might've appeared at the last moment to rescue Jon Snow



The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones landed upon us and it destroyed all our hopes and dreams by killing one of Dany’s dragons, Viserion. The episode titled ‘Beyond the Wall’, was filled with its massive share of awe-inducing moments which had most of the viewers slack jawed by the end of it. One of the many shocks it dropped was of Benjen Stark coming to Jon Snow’s rescue.

After the unbelievable fight between Jon+gang with the Wights when Jon was nearly defeated and drowned, we saw him crawling out and grabbing Longclaw. We were still fearing for his life until a masked saviour came riding on a horse and saved Jon’s life. That saviour was none other than Benjen Stark, who saved Bran Stark and Meera Reed back in season 6.

Benjen’s appearance raised a pretty important question. That of his timing and how he knew to show up right when Jon needed him. This might have an explanation because when Benjen came to save Bran and Meera, he had said that “the Three-Eyed Raven requested it.”That was back then. Going by the fact that Bran is the Three-eyed Raven now, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Bran was the one who requested Benjen to come to Jon’s rescue.

Now that Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven, he has the ability to see everything that’s happening in the world and he must’ve watched the battle against the White Walkers and once Viserion was dead and Jon Snow fell inside the lake, Bran might’ve asked Benjen Stark to go and help Jon Snow, just like the way the previous Three-Eyed Raven had sent Benjen AKA Coldhands to save Bran and Meera.

If it’s true, Bran might be getting better and better at using his powers and that might be one reason we haven’t seen him around while his sisters are fighting. For Bran the fight against the White Walkers must be way more important than two squabbling sisters.

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