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Game of Thrones fans couldn't control their emotions after watching the latest episode, 'Beyond the Wall'



Game of Thrones Season 7 has been going great, and the sixth episode of the seven total, aired today. We got all the things we expect from the penultimate episode of a season of Game of Thrones, delivered in a way that matched the tone of the season. The episode was largely about Jon Snow and the others going beyond the Wall, to try and fetch a wight, so that they can present it to Queen Cersei Lannister, and request her to divert the focus of the kingdom to getting rid of the White Walker problem. As we all saw, the visit did succeed in its purpose, but it didn’t go as well as it was planned, and Viserion ended up getting killed by the Night King, and rising again as a Wight Dragon. This was one of the most gripping Game of Thrones episodes yet, and the fans naturally reacted in all sorts of ways. Here are some of the best fan reactions to the episode :

Game of thrones got me all twisted up. Damn near had a heart attack. Almost cried. Now I’m scared as a MF #sheeesh

— Baron Davis (@BaronDavis) August 21, 2017

Game of thrones is gunna give me heart problems

— edlyn (@_edlynnrae) August 21, 2017

I’ve never in my lifetime seen anything on par with Game Of Thrones. The bar has been set at a new level of excellence.

— robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) August 21, 2017

I literally don’t know how I’m gonna sleep after tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones ??

— Laura Marano (@lauramarano) August 21, 2017

Ice Queen KILLED IT w/ this gorgeous coat. The back is GORGEOUS. Costume Designer: Michele Clapton #Daenerys #GameOfThrones @GameOfThrones

— Tom & Lorenzo (@tomandlorenzo) August 21, 2017

Sorry to disappoint but looks like he has already decided to represent the Kangaroos.

— Jackrabbit (@Jaqenrabbit) August 21, 2017

Me before Game of Thrones 7×06 // Me after Game of Thrones 7×06

— ᴍᴏᴄᴋιɴɢᴊᴀʏ (@katnissenpanem) August 21, 2017

Our boy Jon got an updated spin move so brb swooning forever. @GameofThrones #KingintheNorth

— Kim Renfro (@kimrrenfro) August 21, 2017

While we’re bitching and moaning about Game of Thrones… where in the f**king f**k did the Night King get so many heavy metal chains?

— Daniel W. Drezner (@dandrezner) August 21, 2017

How fast are those ravens?! Birds in Game of Thrones be like… #GameOfThrones #ThronesYall

— B. (@brianrobeniol) August 21, 2017

i think pulling my heart out of my chest and stomping on it would’ve been easier than what Game of Thrones put me through tonight

— wes (@wesleytucker) August 21, 2017

Game Of Thrones is fucking absurd. I don’t know what the hell is gonna happen anymore. Throwing all my theories out the window.

— Joe Santagato (@JoeSantagato) August 21, 2017

I need a full 48 hours to recover from that Game of Thrones episode. Please respect my privacy during this difficult time.

— katie (@katieeecat) August 21, 2017

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