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Theon Greyjoy finally gets his own Funko Pop! after 8 seasons of Game of Thrones




Eight seasons and several hardships later, Theon Greyjoy is finally getting his due in the Game of Thrones fandom. Bran dubbed him “a good man’ in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3, and now Funko has announced its first official Theon pop! figurine. It depicts the Greyjoy scion with bow and arrow, protecting Bran in the Godswood.

They also announced an appropriately supersized 6 inch Mountain figurine, described as “Queen Cersei’s fierce protector”.

Coming Soon: Game of Thrones® Pop!#GameofThrones #GOT

— Funko (@OriginalFunko) May 24, 2019

Theon is one of the oldest characters in Game of Thrones, one who has been around right since Episode 1. Which is why it’s kinda surprising that no official Theon Funko Pop! figure existed before (this does not include custom-made and on-request pop! figures). It seems that despite his chequered past, Theon’s heroic actions in Season 8 (and Bran’s “good man” certificate) has earned him some serious brownie points with the fandom.

Theon Greyjoy dies protecting Bran Stark in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 ‘The Long Night’

Theon is not the only Funko Pop! figure from Season 8 that’s creating a buzz though. Three other Pop! figures related to Season 8 have been announced only days ago. One depicts King Bran the Broken, the other is a new Daenerys Targaryen figurine, atop a fire-breathing dragon. The third is a glow-in-the-dark version of the Night King, depicting his last moments when he turns into ice after being stabbed by Arya’s catspaw dagger.

None of these figures is up for sale at the moment, or even pre-order, as no release date has been announced. But they are coming soon, that much is guaranteed.


The 21st century has witnessed an unprecedented rise in science and technology. These advances have helped bring fantasy to life. The last decade saw the bar for quality TV shows getting raised to never-before-seen heights. Game of Thrones played a major role in raising that bar even higher. Scientists have researched the show’s incredible success, relating it to real life. The fantasy epic still holds the record for most Emmy awards won. Once again the series proved that it still rules the heart of the audience. Game of Thrones was voted as the Greatest TV Show of 21st century by Digital Spy readers.


Digital Spy shortlisted 150 shows for their readers, and they voted for their favourite shows. The shows were curated from viewing figures, popularity ratings, newsworthiness and online presence. As expected the cream rose to the top. Game of Thrones was favourited by the most number of voters, showing off its popularity even after it ended more than a year ago.

The list also included other famous shows like Breaking Bad and Peaky Blinders from the past two decades. Despite the controversial final season, the series seems to have maintained its fan base. It’s a big win for Game of Thrones fans from all over the world!

Are you happy about the voting results? Tell us in the comments below!

The New Year brings with it new hopes and opportunities for everyone around the world. People all over the world are trying to get back on their feet after everything that happened in the Red Wedding year. Many are trying to get a fresh start, including some of Game of Thrones stars. Emilia Clarke, famous for playing Daenerys Targaryen, recently sold off her lavish California home at $4.4 million.

The modern home in Los Angeles’ artsy beachside Venice neighbourhood was truly a fit for the Queen of Dragons. The 2,817-square-foot home was built in 2009. It includes two bedrooms and three full bathrooms.

The gated property features a courtyard with a 30-foot pool and multiple areas for lounging, including a covered space. The front patio has 80-year-old olive trees. The 0.12-acre property offers privacy behind its walls and mature greenery. It is also conveniently close to the beach and hip shopping and dining around the corner on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Clarke paid $4.6 million for the property in 2016, records show. She put it on the market for just under $5 million in August. It sold just before the end of the year after a price cut in November.

This might indicate Emilia plans to stay in England permanently. Earlier in 2020, Maisie Williams expressed her desire to move to France with her boyfriend. Do you have any such plans? Talk to us in the comments below!


The year 2020 was tough for people all around the world. In times like these, they need a distraction for momentary relief. That’s where the entertainment industry steps in. The artists work really hard on and off-screen to manage their job as well as their family. Some put up a smile even when they face grave problems in real life, like Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa. Entertainment Weekly recently honoured Game of Thrones alum Pedro Pascal for his performance on The Mandalorian.

Pascal is one of the actors who was titled Entertainer of The Year, 2020 by Entertainment Weekly. The show Mandalorian kept the audience hooked all through the year, pretty much like how Game of Thrones did for a decade. Moreover, Pedro was a part of both.

It is why I wanted to do this show. Selfishly, I knew [the Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda] was likely to make people fall in love with the show,” Pedro explained to Entertainment Weekly.

He continued, “I’m not even sure if I would be able to do it if it weren’t for the amount of direct experience that I’ve had with being on stage to understand how to posture yourself, how to physically frame yourself into something and to tell a story with a gesture, with a stance, or with very, very specific vocal intonation.”

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Keeping viewers interested in an act for such a long time is not an easy job. Talk to us and congratulate Pedro over his achievement in the comments below!


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