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The White Walkers are coming and so are the Adidas sneakers inspired by them – here’s the first look



caminantes-blancos-juego-de-tronos-4443647 December 12th, 1:38am December 12th, 1:38am Abhinav PathakFiction Writer and Editor Based In Bangalore | Author of ‘Gopalkant’s Wife’

This holiday season totally has a number of surprises for all Game of Thrones fans – first a collection of 8 whiskies inspired by major houses of the series and then the first official teaser for Season 8: Dragonstone. Yet, hopes are high for the first trailer and the official date of the airing of the new season. But, first, brace yourself for the first images of the White Walker edition of Adidas Ultra Boost Sneakers inspired by Game of Thrones.

Earlier rumoured by the Twitter user Yeezy Mafia back in July, the first images of the White Walker variant of Ultra Boost sneakers was dropped by Yankee Kicks on Instagram. Take a look yourself:

Purely ‘spooky’ white in colour, the shoes totally remind us of the emerging threat of White Walkers now that they have finally breached the wall. ‘Winter Is Coming’ for us all yet these shoes upon being released in the stores near you will totally be worth it.


Moreover, there also are imprints of ‘Winter is Here’ on the ankle tags and ‘White Walkers’ on each of the aglets of the laces – making it the perfect merchandise for all Game of Thrones nerds out there!

Just recently, we got the first glimpse of the amazing crimson and gold coloured Lannister variant of the sneakers which totally gave a spark to ‘A Lion’s Legacy. It came to our sight after SolebyJC dropped it on their Instagram account. Moreover back in July, Yeezy Mafia had also rumoured the remaining Stark and Night’s Watch variant to be releasing too and we are totally up for them!

What were your thoughts on the first glimpse of these amazing sneakers inspired by the spooky Walkers? Talk to us in the comments.

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