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John Bradley reveals his favourite Game of Thrones actor



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With the number of amazing characters on Game of Thrones, it’s hard to pick a favourite, but most of us find one or two deserving people from the world of Westeros who seem to fit the bill of being our favourite character on the show, and even further, we end up loving the actors who portray them. We’re all well aware of one of the few adorable characters, Samwell Tarly, who, with his simplicity and kindness has managed to win the hearts of a lot of fans. And actor John Bradley, who plays Samwell on the show, is also quite a fan-favourite actor seeing as how he made Sam seem so endearing to us. We sometimes wonder what co-stars do the actors on Game of Thrones would deem as their favourite, and Bradley seems to have answered this question in quite a surprising way.

During a Reddit AMA, Bradley revealed that his favourite co-star is none other than Stephen Dillane, who played Stannis Baratheon. Here’s what he wrote:“I got to do one scene with Stephen Dillane (who played Stannis) who isn’t just one of my favorite[s] on the shows, he’s just one of my favorite actors period. That day was a privilege and an education.”

Despite having spent a limited amount of time with Dillane, John Bradley shows a lot of respect for his co-star, and that says a lot about how well the actors on Game of Thrones get along with each other!


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