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The White Lotus’ Haley Lu Richardson compares the show’s plot twist to House of the Dragon



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The White Lotus is one of HBO’s most successful TV series right now and it seems to share some common ground with House of the Dragon. In a recent interview, actress Haley Lu Richardson, who plays Portia in The White Lotus, compared the show’s latest incestuous plot twist to Game of Thrones.

For context, Ep 5 of The White Lotus featured a significant rug-pull moment involving a scene involving an uncle and a nephew. During the dying minutes of the episode, Jennifer Coolidge’s character, Tanya, walks in on said encounter, leaving viewers understandably scandalized.

Richardson recently spoke about the amount of incest and uncle-nephew/niece intimacy that has become quite commonplace on HBO. The actress drew parallels to House of the Dragon as it also involves a significantly incestuous relationship between Rhaenyra Targaryen and her uncle Daemon.

“It’s hot,” said Richardson. “I’m sorry, but on that show, ‘House of the Dragon,’ it is. I’m sure Tom and Leo are also hot in [The White Lotus] scene.” The actor made several more playful comments about how HBO seems to love something about “uncle-f***ing”.

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The actor meditated on what her character, Portia, might be going through right now. “You never want to find out that the guy that you’re dating and who has whisked you away is f***ing his uncle! You don’t want to find that out.”

The White Lotus is the latest hit sensation from HBO and the studio has been on quite a roll now. House of the Dragon seems to have reignited passion in the IP. Shows like The White Lotus have also found solid footing and have been renewed for another season.

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These are exciting times for television fans as multiple big-name studios are putting out rather great content. There are several exciting projects from HBO headed our way, including The Last of Us, which premieres in January.

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